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UB Baseball holds on against Bonaventure Tuesday, plays Canisius this afternoon

UB Athletics

Baseball beat St. Bonaventure 9-8 yesterday. This is pretty swell, because I like wins and I have an especial distaste for St. Bonaventure. The Bonnies couldn't even bother to put up a live stats page, so thanks for nothing from them.

From what I could follow on Twitter, I thought UB staked out a big lead and barely held on late, but it turns out it was more back and forth, with UB staking out merely a moderate lead and barely holding on late. The Bulls scored three in the first before the next few innings drew the teams into a 4-4 tie, then scored five in the seventh before allowing four more in the final three.

Three highlight performances:

Vinny Mallaro

Mallaro doesn't hit for much average, but he has big games often enough. Yesterday he was 2-4 with a double and a homer, three RBI, and a pair of runs.

Really the whole heart of the order leading up to Mallaro

Charlie Sobieraski, Mike Abrunzo, Chris Kwitzer, and Ben Vey combined to go 7-18 with five runs and four RBI themselves. Buffalo scored eight of their nine runs in two innings, and you don't manage that without hitters stringing together hits.

Nick Sinay

I don't want to belabor the Sinay love, but it's pretty deserved. In his first two at bats yesterday, Nick earned a walk and a hit by pitch, and stole second on each. Bonaventure got him out in the fourth, but he was hit by another pitch in the sixth and in the seventh drove in what would be the winning run with a two-out single.


It's another Little Three matchup for the Bulls this afternoon in their HOME OPENER against Canisius at 3:00 PM. UB is 1-1 against the Golden Griffins this year in a pair of high-scoring contests.

Go Bulls