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Forget cheering the tank, Harrington pointlessly cheers UB's failures

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday the obviously tanking Sabres played the obviously tanking Arizona Coyotes. Whether you are pro-tank or anti tank, 1) The Sabres have 48 points in 74 games, the tank has happened, it's time to embrace it and 2) If the organization decides to, lets say, rebrand the team as tanking now to prepare for victory later, to root against that is to root against the Sabres.

I don't know if Harrington is pro or anti tank, or if he has a tank opinion at all, but he made it clear that he is against Sabres fans cheering for the opponent.

I believe fans can do whatever they want if they pay. Sabres fans didn't boo the Sabres. What do you tell the kids? You don't have to tell the kids anything. Kids know the score when you have team captains pick teams. Kids very easily pick players by perceived skill from the best player to the last pick. They can understand acquiring and distributing talent.

Had Sabres fans over consumed, thrown cups on the ice, booed mercilessly, and fought any person in the stands in Phoenix gear, it would have been sporting event business as usual. Sabres fans recognizing that a loss is good, and cheering for that, is somehow comparatively a new low.

What happened at the FNC did not offend me, but I was annoyed by Harrington's take on the situation. He has made a habit of saying negative things about UB Athletics, that I believe is worse than what occurred in Buffalo on Thursday night.

Obviously Sabres fans wanted to lose, does Harrington want those fans to feign appreciation for a Sabres win?

Guess not, Harrington doesn't like faking.

That said, it's just Harrington's opinion, and he won't argue it or justify it to people like us, but at least we know where he stands and know he would never take shots at program that's trying like last night's evil Sabres fans. Right?

In 2012, a fan makes a comment insulting student athletes on TWO athletic teams at UB.

Does Mike Harrington:

A) Suggest the man needs a shower to wipe off the grease?

B) Suggest the comment is twisted? or

C) Tweet the insult out to his followers ?

Does Harrington think play on the field is part of the value of a ticket? Yes

Is it ok when Mike says it, but shameful when you say it? Yes

Does Mike make prisoner of the moment hot takes, only to 180 later? Yes

Big holes against pre-National Champ Ohio State meant UB defense was mediocre.

Then good defense over so-so MAC squads makes them three months later the best UB defense by a mile.

UBBullRun would probably call it about even between 2008 and 2013, but we're just the blue and white colored fan site that doesn't know what Harrington knows.

Does Mike "think of poor* Mike Weber" Harrington want you and every UB football athlete past and present to know 2008 was a "fluke" and that the program they follow, support and play for is "going nowhere"? Desperately Yes

*not literally poor, he's making 1.5 million this year

Should Mike be admitting this? No

You didn't expect three horrific quarters AT Ohio State and AT Baylor? One big theme I saw was Mike didn't know how good Baylor was, but made that UB's problem. Previously, he criticized UB for losing to Temple in a year Temple was 9-4.

Does Mike change his tune for narrative?

CIT, CBI, low level tourneys, only good if you have a lot of young guys.

2013-14 Bulls with EIGHT juniors and seniors, PFFT TO THEM!

Even if UB were to win say the 2015 MAC Basketball Championship, we'd have to wait 2-3 years to see if the win was a fluke or real by the Harrington standard before UB would be eligible to skip a CBI or CIT.

Does Harrington mock the players who use #HornsUp to his 17k followers? Yep

It really funny, to me, "can the silliness" he says. The tweets from December 21, came during the Potato Bowl, the final UB game for many Bulls who built the program back up from the ground. Harrington focuses on HornsUp and uses HornsDown to kick them while they are down. HornsUp was an attempt to unify a fanbase around a great team playing their final game Harrington thinks that's silly.

Sabres fans were straightforward about their feelings, they cheered for Sabres goals but ultimately wanted a loss, Mike thinks they should feel guilty.

Maybe Mike should can the silliness, pre-game he's calling the game Tankapalooza, post game he's calling it twisted and crazy.

Think tanking is irrational, how about brand flame wars?

Before it was 2008 was a fluke, now it's WHERE'S BUFFALO. All he has is a hammer, he just found a new nail.

Does his anti NYBI stance contradict everything else he says? Of course it does

Tradition? I thought UB hadn't won anything and wasn't going anywhere. Well this is a guy who respects UB tradition right?


But wait, does he have anecdotal evidence that NYBI is harmful to Buffalo? YES

So what? That's an easy answer, UB wants to capitalize on the strength of New York State. The New York on the field did not prevent any of those first-timers from saying they'd go back to UB Stadium. What was the damage of New York on the field and New York on the jersey? Did those first-timers forget where they were in the stadium? Did they see New York on the field and decide Buffalo was awful, grab some torches and head to city hall to burn the city down? No.

I have anecdotal evidence. I went to Baylor the year before. I had at least 6 people come to me and ask: What State is Buffalo in?

Does Harrington like petty stuff? No

Can't blame the MAC for thinking the League stopped at Ohio, you've been telling them #NotNewYork for years.