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This Weekend in Bulls Olympic Sports

UB Athletics

I've been referencing this for a long time, and now it's here: the absolute busiest part of the year for UB athletics. Though not all are in action this weekend, the UB teams competing in February:

  • Track and Field - Men's and Women's
  • Swimming and Diving - Men's and Women's
  • Wrestling
  • Softball
  • Baseball
  • Tennis - Men's and Women's
All on top of the regular Men's and Women's Basketball. So February's going to be fun. We're going to have a lot to say.

So much is happening in fact, that I'm already too late to alert you of one softball game, and the second will likely be over by the time you see this.

This is This Weekend In Bull


Softball - at Troy Chick-Fil-A Invite - Lost 8-0 (6 innings) vs Troy; up 7-3 in the bottom of the 6th vs Alabama State
Track and Field - at Sykes & Sabock Challenge Cup (Penn State) - all day
Women's Tennis - vs West Virginia - 1:00 PM. Should already be underway but I don't know any scores yet
Wrestling - vs #2 Missouri - 7:00 PM. The big one. It's available on ESPN3 if you can't make it down, so you have no excuse for not watching some of the best wrestlers in the country.


Track and Field - at Sykes & Sabock Challenge Cup (Penn State) - all day
Softball - at Troy Chick-Fil-A Invite - vs North Florida, 10:30 AM; vs Troy, 3:30 PM
Men's Tennis - at Cleveland State - 6:00 PM


Softball - at Troy Chick-Fil-A Invite - vs Florida A&M, 10:30 AM

So that's that. Softball is having a much better go of things in the second game today, so we'll see how things shake out come the end of the weekend. Women's Tennis still hasn't competed much, though did match up poorly with WVU in the fall, so I don't know how much we'll learn there.

Wrestling will at least be a fun show as they near the end of their season. Both Tennis teams are off for two weeks afer this.

Go Bulls!