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John and Matt's Weekend Roundup

UB Athletics

Another weekend, another chance to catch up with John and I looking back.

This one... was a bit tougher for UB fans, unless you follow women's hoops with us, but we don't include basketball in our Olympic sports banner.

Anyway, here's a quick rundown of the weekend for reference:

Wrestling: Lost 24-12 @ Binghamton Friday, Lost 22-10 to EMU Sunday
Softball: 1-4 on the weekend in Arlington, with the lone win coming against Incarnate Word and a strong offensive showing in defeat against Ohio State
Baseball: 0-3 to open the season, one loss to JMU and two to Gardner Webb
Track and Field: FOUR school records in Ohio! SIX MAC auto-qualifiers. The return of Jon Jones!
Swimming and Diving: Small squad in Columbus sets a bunch of personal bests, but mostly everyone's preparing for MAC Championships.


Matt Gritzmacher: Let's get this started. Baseball starts today! Big show-me season for the program. I don't think anyone's job should be in jeopardy with a bad one but I'm eager to see if the last 4 years have raised the program's base level

Pretty good start thanks to a 4 run third and strong pitching so far from McGee

John McWhinnie: Saw the homer and the stolen bases in twitter. Very good things so far.

Wrestling has a great shot of ending the season 3-0. We should've beat Bingo last season and I think the team this year is much better than last year. Eastern Michigan and NIU are two of the weaker teams in the MAC so we have a good shot.

MG: Ended up losing having left tons and tons of guys on base. That sucks.

Softball is delayed.


MG: Softball lost 5 0 I think on one inning

Melinda wheeler another school record on the track! In the 1000


MG: 21 straight points given up on the mat huh.

Tyler Scheving also broke the school record in the 1000

JM: Yep. We really screwed the pooch on that one. On to EMU for senior day.

MG: Softball is supposed to have another game in Arlington tonight but I don't know if it's happening or not

Oh it's literally just started. 90 minutes late. Get your shit together Arlington

Big inning alert. Two errors in first three innings alert.

JM: So I assume it's reasonable to expect that every time Track competes someone will break some sort of record? I'm pumped for them. Baseball had a lot of positives, I think if they can figure out how to close out games and not leave runs on base, they'll be in good shape.

Wrestling senior day Sunday!!!!

MG: I think it's reasonable.

Was definitely good to see some offense from baseball. As much as it sucks in softball, giving up one big inning is more easily fixed than one or two runs over and over again.

Wrestling senior day. They better effing win. Not because I'll do anything for them, but mrah

JM: EMU has a similar record to us, and having Jason Estevez back is huge. We just need somsone other than Soria/Estevez/Peacock/Cotten to win a damn match.

MG: Will we be able to wrestle all four? Estevez and Peacock are both at 133, right?

This season would be so much different if Wally doesn't have that offseason injury and is all over the place.

Ariola wrestled at 184 last night? Strange.

JM: Estevez is up at 149 instead of 141 where Cotten is, so yes we'll wrestle all 4. Estevez dominated Nick Tighe last night. Tighe was a multi-time NYS Champ in high school and one of the top ranked recruits in his weight. So going forward we'll have:

125 - Kyle Akins (top-100 recruit)

133 - Sean Peacock (dude's a boss even if he wasn't highly recruited)

141 - Colt Cotten (top-100 recruit)

149 - Jason Estevez (top-100 recruit)

157 - Tommy Forte (top-100 recruit).

So, yeah, the lineup is going to be awesome. I just wish Max Soria could stay forever, but Kyle Akins was like #8 or 9 in the nation at 125 so he'll be A-OK.

JM: Oh, and Ariola dropping down to 184 isn't too wonky. Not like Wally jumping up 2 weights


MG: Jon Jones 65'3" in his first competitive throw of the season. He is a MONSTER

JM: Awesome! How is that relative to his past throws?

MG: 2 and a half inches off his previous indoor school record set last year. So that's ok.

JM: Very nice. That record will probably fall at some point

MG: It may fall today. Unreal.

Softball has started their first game today and ceded three straight hits. We need a pitcher bad.

JM: Now I really miss Tori Speckman :(

MG: Yep. Pitching change with one out in the first runners on 2nd and 3rd and 4 runs already in. Simultaneous basketball games will take my mind off that


MG: While everyone was getting all pissy softball is up 5-2 and we got another school record on the track
two school records. Emma Siuciak 5'10" high jump and Scheving again in the 800 (1:49.25)

JM: Break all the records! And there will always be the clowns that care about football and basketball and that's fine. I just don't want them jumping on the Olympic bandwagon once the teams start winning championships only to complain later.

And 18 hits for softball, there's some of that much needed offense.

MG: Yea kind of, they couldn't convert baserunners into runs early and that burned them. But kudos for coming through in the 8th.

I'm putting together a track piece now, but bigtime numbers


MG: Alright some track numbers for you. Four new school records, six new MAC auto-qualifiers. Lots of good against some pretty elite competition.

Ryan Billian hasn't competed but once this winter. I hope he's ok.


MG: Softball this morning... lost 15-6. BUT nine of those Ohio State runs came in the last two innings, UB had a grand slam in the fourth and loaded the bases with two runs already in and only one out in the 6th. They could have had 8 or 9 without too much going differently and only been down 2 going into the seventh.

JM: These refs are very frustrating. You'll see on the replay. Sean Peacock took a 2-time NCAA qualifier to OT.

MG: Great...

Just the preliminaries but four more season bests (by huge margins) this afternoon for the small swimdive contingent

JM: Overall it was a great match for wrestling though. Only 1 guy lost by more than 3 points, we were in every single match, it was a lot of fun to watch.


MG: Alright a little tougher than last weekend, but since I don't think there's much to say, what's your top4 UB moments? I'll go second this weekend.

JM: 1 - More track records broken.
2 - Max Soria winning his last home match. 
3 - WBB win over WMU
4 - Softball's performance over Ohio State

MG: Yea, mine isn't much different

1- WBB over WMU - if only there were free video

2 - Soria's win in his style, I love tilt points

3 - Track records, especially Siuciak's HJ, which had stood for 17 years

4 - I'll go with baseball opening the season, even if they don't have a win yet


Shorter this time. Come back on Friday for this weekend in Bull as we look ahead for another round of Olympic success. Each tennis team will be back, Softball and Swimming and Diving will be off, and Wrestling will be wrapping up their season.

Go Bulls!