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NCAA Football Bowl Eligibility Watch

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

As UB's final regular season game of the year approaches the Bulls need to win, and probably get some help, if they are to secure a bowl bid.

A win over UMass gets the Bulls to 6-6 but their resume this season is not too impressive. Their only victory over a team with a winning record came at home against 7-4 Ohio. They lost close games to Nevada and Bowling Green and then got blown out by Akron.

If there are 81 Bowl Eligible teams it's likely UB is left out in the cold.

So what games to we care about, besides beating UMass? (Bold is the team we want to lose!)

Fri, Nov 27, 2015
2:30 PM ET
Missouri at Arkansas
3:30 PM ET
(20) Washington State at Washington
3:30 PM ET
(4) Iowa at Nebraska
3:30 PM ET
Boise State at San Jose State
4:30 PM ET
Massachusetts at Buffalo
8:00 PM ET
Tulsa at Tulane
Sat, Nov 28, 2015
12:00 PM ET
Cincinnati at East Carolina
12:00 PM ET
Indiana at Purdue
12:00 PM ET
Florida Atlantic at Old Dominion
12:00 PM ET
Virginia Tech at Virginia
12:00 PM ET
Louisville at Kentucky
3:30 PM ET
Wisconsin at Minnesota
3:30 PM ET
(16) Northwestern vs.
(Chicago, IL)

Our magic number is five. Besides UB Winning we need five of these games to go our way. Here are the games according to Vegas sees them going. If the odds makers are right there will be 7 games going our way. More than enough to secure a Bowl.

  • Tulane (+7) over Tulsa
  • Purdue (+6.5) over Indiana
  • Washington State (+5.5) over Washington
  • Cincinnati (+1.5) over ECU
  • Boise over San Jose (+7.5)
  • Louisville over Kentucky (+4)
  • FAU over ODU (+4)
  • Northwestern Over Illinois (+3.5)
  • Virginia over Va Tech (+3)
  • Wisconsin over Minnesota (+2.5)
  • Iowa over Nebraska (+1.5)

Missing here is South Alabama because they have two games left