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Buffalo Bulls Depth Chart - Army

Offense 1st 2nd
WR Ron Willoughby John Dunmore
WR Devon Hughes Jacob Martinez
LT Jake Silas Matt Murphy
LG Andre Davis Todd Therrien
C Trevor Sales Brandon Manosalvas
RG Robert Blodtgett - or Manosalvas
RT John Kling Albert McCoy
TE Matt Weiser - or Mason Schreck
QB Joe Licata Tony Daniel
RB Anthone Taylor Campbell / Johnson
FB Boomer Brock Kendall Patterson
WR Marcus McGill Jamarl Eiland
WR Boise Ross Malcolm Robinson
Defense 1st 2nd
DE Brandon Crawford Max Perisse
NG Kristjan Sokoli Dalton Barksdale
DE Tedroy Lynch Kendall Roberson
OLB Jarrett Franklin Kyril Threats
ILB Lee Skinner Greg Lis / S Jackson
ILB Jake Stockman T Pitzonka / Nick Gilbo
OLB Okezie Alozie C.J. Stancil / H Glass
CB Cortney Lester Brandon Williams
SS Adam Redden Brandon Berry
FS Witney Sherry Andrews Dadeboe
CB Marqus Baker Dwellie Striggles
ST 1st 2nd
P Tyler Grassman Brian Orzechowski
PK Patrick Clarke Tyler Grassman
LS Corbin Grassman Marcus McGill
HLD Tyler Grassman Tony Daniel
KOR Devin Campbell Eiland / Martinez
PR Marcus McGill Devin Campbell

Despite a third quarter that saw UB's secondary get victimized and the Bulls lose a lead to an FCS team with 35 scholarships there are no changes on this weeks depth chat.

I thought Willoughby was going to be "The Other Guy", it tuns out he is the "New Neutz".  The other three starting receivers Ross, Hughes, and McGill matched Willoughby's production when taken as a unit.

Anthone Taylor took over for Oliver but it looks like Buffalo Head Coach Jeff Quinn will not lean on his starting running back this year as much as he has in years past.

Taylor got the ball about 60 percent of the time when the Bulls ran and the other two backs were used throughout the game in meaningful situations.

On defense Kristjan Sokoli and the line did well enough but schematically I don't think this years team is going to be setting any sack records.

Id like to change the depth chart to call Adam Redden a linebacker. That is clearly how Lou Tepper is using last seasons all MAC performer, even if it leaves the corner backs out to dry.

Speaking of the corners I read somewhere that Marqus Baker is going to be out sick and that will move Dwellie Striggles into the starting lineup.

UB will have to make some adjustments soon in the secondary. We *MIGHT* get away with the defense we had versus Army because they are not a good passing team but most MAC squads would have eaten us alive last week.

Special teams offers no changes.

Partick "MVP" Clarke is the kicker. Tyler Grassman punts and holds for place kicks while his cousin, Corbin, snaps.

Devin Campbell is returning kickoffs and Marcus McGill is returning punts.

Well that's it... UB's first road game of the season is only a couple of days away.