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MAC Power Rankings

Brian Powers-USA TODAY Sports
Rank Team PR Δ Comment
1 Toledo 2 1 The Rockets benefited from Bowling Green's misadventure but their running game may have put them at #1 regardless of what the Falcons did.
2 NIU 3 1 Solid win by the Huskies to kick off the post-Jordan Lynch Era.
3 Ball State 4 1 BSU with two 100 yard ball carriers could once again be in the West race right up until the season ends.
4 BGSU 1 -3 Very disappointing showing for a team that was supposed to be the MAC standard bearer this season. BGSU won the MAC in 2013 on defense.
5 Ohio 5 0 Ohio starts MAC play with a walk off field goal victory over Kent. Not at all a bad showing for a Bobcats team breaking in a new QB.
6 Akron 7 1 Against an FCS opponent or not, 41-0 is one hell of a beat down. The Zips have made a statement in Week One.
7 Buffalo 6 -1 UB trailed to a team that only brought 35 scholarship athletes. There are real questions for the Bulls to answer if they hope to go bowling.
8 WMU 10 2 I have to throw some Flecking love at WMU for taking 14 freshman and making a B10 team sweat. Even if it's only Purdue.
9 Kent 9 0 Kent gave the Bobcats a game but you cant turn the ball over that late in a tie game and expect to win.
10 CMU 8 -2 They are not getting bumped down because of the close game to an FCS member but because they lost Titus Davis.
11 Miami 11 0 Good show by Miami to put a scare into the Herd. Either Miami is far better than people think or Marshall is not going undefeated.
12 EMU 12 0 A win is a win but if the Factory is only good for a 3-point win over Howard, expect another season of Eagle football.
13 UMass 13 0 UMass Kept it close for a half of the game, granted a lot of that was stupid BC penalties.