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Honest Highlight: Buffalo at Baylor

Every Tuesday around lunch time, instead of going for a walk in Golden Gate park, or going out for a nice lunch, I sit in my office and watch the newest "Honest Trailer" and the newest "Everything Wrong With" videos on youtube. Honest Trailer takes a movie and gives us a trailer that really tells us what the movie is about, and everything wrong with takes 5, 10 sometimes 20 minutes to pick apart every little funny mistake of a movie's plot, casting, acting and production.

I'm big on team, 50 inch flat screen and isolation, so I often wait for movies to hit the Redbox rather than go to theaters and be subjected to the teenagers. Which means sometimes an honest trailer will come out and I can't watch it because I don't want spoilers. Often the best part of the movie is when it's over, and I can finally watch everything that is wrong with the movie I just watched...I'm talking to you Iron Man 3.

Anyway this got me wondering, what if someone did an honest highlight on a UB game? It would look something like this...