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UB Football Sponsors the Bills Mafia

The Bulls partnered with a Bills fanbase organization to help strengthen ties in WNY.

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor

When most people hear the word 'Mafia' it brings to mind men The Godfather, Goodfellas, and The Untouchables; men in pinstriped suits toting Tommy Guns, and chomping on cigars, doing whatever they damn well pleased. But the Mafia that UB Football has become a corporate sponsor of, is the Bills Mafia, a fun run organization that's doing real good in the Buffalo area.

The Bills Mafia started out as a response to some Bills fans being blocked by Adam Schefter after Stevie Johnson's infamous "God" tweet. It caught the eye of Nick Barnett, and the movement took off, and the rest, as they say, is history.

From :

From that point on, #BillsMafia has become a movement and has become more exciting each day as other Bills players, both current (Aaron Williams, Fred Jackson, Andy Levitre) and legendary (Andre Reed) to name a few started using it in their tweets and in some cases adding the #BillsMafia profile pic overlay.

The Bills Mafia has the goal to unify all Bills fans under one banner, so how does the sponsorship help the Mafia, and UB Athletics?

It's more than a hashtag. It's more than any one person. It's a mindset. A way of life.

For those unfamiliar, the Bills Mafia raises money for charities by selling merchandise with 100% of the profits going towards cancer research at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, and to Hunter's Hope, Jim Kelly's foundation for Krabbe Disease research. And with a corporate sponsor like UB Athletics it allows the Mafia to spread the word to more Bills fans and create more merchandise and hold more events and allows them to give even more back to the community.

UB Football benefits by getting further exposure among Bills fans, and Bills fans are some of the most passionate fans in all of sports, so, if only a fraction of them were to come to Bulls games it would solidify and strengthen our hometown fanbase. A stronger following in Buffalo means a better homefield advantage for the Bulls, and making Amherst the most feared destination in the MAC would do wonders for the Athletic Department. And it also means the Department can tap into a very large Twitter following, the Bills Mafia has over 31 thousand followers on Twitter compared to UB Athletics' 5,500 followers.

Overall, a very smart move by Danny White partnering with the Bills Mafia, strengthening ties in WNY, while also contributing to great causes within the community.

For more information on the Bills Mafia please visit their website