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USA vs. Germany, World Cup 2014: How to watch online

Was is over when the Germans Bombed Perl Harbor? Hell no! - John 'Bluto' Blutarsky, Animal House

Kevin C. Cox

The USA vs Germany match will kick off at 12 p.m. ET and can be watched on TV on the ESPN network, or online through WatchESPN or listen to an audio stream on ESPN Radio.

If the US Advances Bull Run will have a game thread featuring a surprise soccer expert for the first knock out game.

I'm not normally a soccer guy but once every four years I'll sit down and watch Iran and Bosnia duke it out. It's the Olympic formula. When a sport is so niche that it has a small following just have a huge international competition once  or twice a decade and suddenly people start to care who might otherwise sit it out.

So today when the United States plays Germany in a crunch World Cup 2014 Group G match up I'll be paying attention.

Whoever wins this game will secure first place in Group G and gain supposedly the easier route through the knock out stages. The loser will have to wait to see how things play out between Portugal and Ghana. In most scenarios even the loser makes it through although if you have to pick a team to root against pick Ghana.

The US was moments away from securing a pass to the knock out round in their last group match against Portugal but as time wound down the Americans gave up a goal and walked away with a draw.