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CFL preseason wrapup Buffalo Bulls

Derek Leung

The CFL preseason is now over, how did UB's four Alumni in the CFL do?

Drew Willy - Secured starting pivot job for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Opponent Comp Att Yards TD Int
Toronto 6 12 108 1 0
Calgary 14 23 172
0 0

Willy needed to come in and show he could be a CFL caliber starter and he got it done. Max Hall, last years starter, was released in the last round of cuts meaning that Drew is far and away his teams starting pivot heading into the regular season.

His stats would have looked better were it not for three bad drops against Calgary, one on the endzone.

Natey Adjei -Landed a spot with the Toronto Argonauts

Rec No Yards Lg TD
Winnipeg 4 62 27 0
Hamilton 2 8 8 0
Defense T STT Sk Int FF
Hamilton 0 2 0 0 0

Adjei had two things going for him entering the season. He is a rookie 3rd round draft pick and he is a "national" player. Because he is a rookie draft pick the staff might want to develop him and as a national he helps assure the Argos maintain an acceptable number of Canadians on the team.

Those two things taken together with a great pair of games means he will be suiting up for Toronto this season. If you're a young receiver who wants to show value prove you can do special teams well. Adjei had two special teams tackles against Hamilton. HE wasl also Toronto's leading receiver in week one.

Ernest Jackson - Pending Final Cuts, Looks to be a player who will make the team.

Opponent No Yards Lg TD
Calgary 4 51 29 0

Jackson was reportedly a guy who coaches were very high on when camp started. EJ spent a lot of time in Canada training this off season and entered the first game against Edmonton as a starter. HE was thrown one pass and the attempt was nowhere near catchable.

In the second game Jackson was moved to the slot receiver on the second team. He got some more work but it remains to be seen if his production versus Calgary was enough to hold a spot.

He was the Lions' second leading receiver against Calgary showing that he might be a very good fit for the slot back position in the BC offense.

Willie Moseley - Released by Winnipeg

Opponent Tackles STT Sacks Ints FF
Calgary 1 0 0 0 0

Moseley got a little banged up in camp and never really showed well enough on the field to take one of the Blue Bomber's import positions. Because he did not have a chance to stand out in the preseason Moseley was one of the ten players released on the final day of the pre-season.

He may find a spot on the teams 10 man practice squad but always in the CFL he has to overcome the Bomber's need for national players.