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UB Athletics receives 3 Million dollar gift from the Murchie Family

On the eve of UB's 2014 spring game Tunney Murchie, and his family donated three million dollars towards UB athletics. It's the second seven figure donation by the former UB Hockey player and coach in as many years.

Murchie, who was born in Hamilton Ontario played for Buffalo back in the early seventies and then coahched with the ECAC team in 1974 and 1975. Presently he is the Chairman of the Board of Lackawanna Products Corp.

UB Athletics ahs told Bull Run that the three million dollar donation will be applied towards the Murchie football complex.

The proposed Football Headquarters will house new coach’s offices, head coaches suite and nine additional team meeting rooms. All office’s and team meeting rooms will be in a centralized location, thereby promoting functionality and synergy which lacks in the schools current setup.

In addition, renovations will be made to the bunker area to include a new sports medicine and nutrition and wellness centers to enhance our day-to-day health care and rehabilitation services for UB Athletes.

In UB's capitol improvement plan "The Murch" was set to cost 5 million dollars. Between last years donation and this years the school has raised at least four million towards that goal.

According to the Blue and White website UB is hoping the new football headquarters will also provide a "wow" factor for our coaches and players.