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College Baseball Power Rankings - Mid American Conference

Rank Team Pvs chg MAC Last Comment
1 CMU 1 0 10-2 2-1 vs BGSU Central let one get away from them when Bowling Green but Bowling Ball state also tripped up so they hold a razor thin lead
2 Kent 3 1 10-2 3-0 at MIA Kent blasted Miami to gain a share of the overall conference lead. They have a chance to knock Buffalo down a few rungs this week at home.
3 BSU 2 -1 9-2 2-1 vs TOL Ball State lost a chance to catch Central Michigan and saw Kent go a half game up on them.
4 Buffalo 5 1 7-4 3-0 at WMU Buffalo won two of their games in the bottom of the 9th both times UB came back from deficits in the last three innings. They are looking like last years team.
5 Akron 6 1 9-3 3-0 at OU It may be against some teams in the bottom of the conference but winning in the manner that they are begs the question. Is Akron for real?
6 Miami 4 -2 4-8 0-3 vs KSU Tough go against Kent State. Miami can certainly still recover but being down six games at this point in the season means Miami has no margin for error
7 BGSU 8 1 6-7 1-2 at CMU Any time a team can steal one on the road at CMU they show they can win anywhere in the conference.
8 Toledo 7 -1 6-7 1-2 at BSU Toledo also went 1-2 on the road against a solid foe. They are probably too far behind to figure in the MAC West race but they are good enough to play spoiler.
9 NIU 10 1 4-8 2-1 vs EMU NIU Win's their first series of the season they will need to get some sweeps over the lower ranked teams if they want a top 8 seed in time for the MACC
10 WMU 9 -1 4-8 0-3 vs UB Really hard series for WMU to lose. They did everything they could have done through the first seven innings of games one an two.
11 EMU 11 0 2-10 1-2 at NIU It's hard to see a scenario in which EMU can make it to the MAC Post season, dropping the series to NIU may have been their last chance.
12 Ohio 12 0 1-11 0-3 vs AKR It might be time for Ohio to start playing for next season. Last year it took 12 wins to make the MAC Championship, that gives OU just three more losses.