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Bull Run Wants You!

We thought it wise to take a page from UB Athletics and try to excel at all levels of coverage and not just the revenue sports. Covering 19 sports is hard work, and takes a much larger team of editors than we currently have.

There was a time when Bull Run was a one man show... Thank goodness that time is gone!

Back in 2009 when Bull Run Started I had no intention of covering hoops and now we have deep coverage of Football, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball. Matt and some others are doing a great job giving a hat tip to the other UB student athletes. So We're in need of a few more writers who are passionate not only about Buffalo but about a particular sport.

If you're a communications or journalism student writing for Bull Run can help give you real-world experience and exposure beyond what a college media outlet can give you. We keep things pretty lose on Bull Run itself but Vox Media, who owns the site, are a staple in the on line world of media.

If you're a blogger going it alone, Bull Run can provide you with an amazing platform, more exposure, and a community of writers who want to help out. Having blogged solo for a couple of years I understand both the desire to "own your site" and the liberation of having support. In my opinion "owning your site" is overrated.

Finally if you're just a fan who would really enjoy sharing your perspective on a particular sport  and want a new way to share your knowledge/analysis with other UB fans then Bull Run provides one of the largest communities of Buffalo fans around.

While we make sure what happens on the field get's it's due Bull Run aims to provide providing in-depth analysis, opinions, and historical perspective of UB's place in Buffalo Sports.

So What are we looking for?

Someone who is deeply knowledgeable about their sport of interest, specifically around Buffalo athletics. The ability to write clean, grammatically correct pieces is very important as is the capacity to formulate well thought out opinions and articulate those to readers in a way that engages community interaction. At the end of the day Bull Run thrives when UB fans read an article and dialog with each other in the comments.

The sports hosted by Buffalo which still need a dedicated resource on Bull Run are:

  • basketball mens/womens
  • soccer
  • softball
  • rowing
  • track and field
  • cross country
  • tennis
  • wrestling
  • swimming and diving

While writers are our primary need At the same time we need someone who is a facebook guru to help bring the Bull Run facebook page into this decade and perhaps manage it going forward.

These positions are voluntary, so there is no financial compensation but their are non monetary benefits.

If this sounds at all interesting to you please email please ubbullrun (at)

If you want to test the waters don't be afraid of our FanPost or FanShot sections which are open to any Bull Run member. It's a great way to share your opinions with the rest of the community, and if it's real good it may even make it's way onto our front page.