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Wisconsin Badgers Coaching Search: Could Buffalo Coach Lance Leipold Renege?

It's nothing, I promise, But it's not just in our imaginations. People are talking.

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

Ok, the answer is "probably not," but don't think it hasn't crossed anyone's mind since Wisconsin's coach stunningly left Madison for Corvallis and Oregon State yesterday.

To be more than clear: I don't think Leipold leaves. There is no indication from anyone official that that's even a radar. If Barry Alvarez is savvy enough to move a team three spots after a bye week in the top ten of the final CFP poll just to jimmyrig the bowls for his conference, he's savvy enough to find someone brining fewer questions than Leipold.

But, plenty of people in Wisconsin are thinking it:

bucky 5th q comment

There are more, but it got kind of Johnny One-Note after a while. If nothing else, UB's scooping up Leipold is going to get another little publicity boost now that Barry Alvarez is looking to hire and the best in-state option is (hopefully) off the table.