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MAC Blogger Roundtable - Lets Go Rockets

This week's MAC blogger roundtable is thanks to great questions by our buds over at Let's Go Rockets. You should give them a visit this afternoon when they post the answers up from all of your favorite MAC Bloggers.

With UMass exiting the MAC at the conclusion of the season, is it in the conference’s best interest to stay at 12 teams or pursue two teams, one to replace and one to even the divisions? If the MAC goes after two, which two teams fit well or what teams would you like to see join the conference?

Right now I don't see any real reason to move up beyond 12. I've said many times that the new payout structure for the College Football Playoff puts enormous pressure on conferences to stay at 12 or below. Add to that pressure the prospect of conference championship deregulation and suddenly there is very little pressure on anyone to expand.

Unless two really good prospects come up, or the MAC loses a member, I hope that expansion is dead.

That being said I will play your little "what if' game.

*IF* The MAC can nab an east coast flagship like Delaware the should pair that off with another eastern school. Perhaps JMU. This is extremely unlikely though as the odds of Delaware "getting off the pot" is monumentally small.

The more likely scenario would be two teams in the West like Missouri State (FCS) and a possible raid into the Belt for Arkansas State. I like the geography that adds to the MAC more than any East Coast moves.

If your respective team was destined to lose every remaining game on their schedule save for one that you could pick, which game would they win and why?

I'd have to go with UMass. Mainly because I'd like their stint in the MAC to be winless against UB. The Bulls already lost the Ontario Sandwich trophy to EMU so our retention of the Powder Horn is a pleasant island in a an otherwise dreadful season.

I'd also like the win because the Black Friday trip to UMass is our last game of the season. If you have to have a terrible year then you can at least end on a winning note.

College football has seen some impressive fan displays this year with fan wearing a specific color (white out, blue out, etc.), striping the stands, checker-boarding the stands, etc. To what degree has your team embraced this trend? Has it been successful? What can be done to improve the fan participation and get more fans on board?

We did this awesome thing last week where most of the fans dressed as empty seats.

Though UB did a blackout which was pretty successful because it was against a top-10 team at home. I don't think those kinds of gimmicks will cause attendance bumps long-term, they are at best an expression of an existing strength in the fan base.

To improve fan participation the whole game day experience needs to improve. White brought the "Tailgate Concert Series" to UB and the result has been a more lively tailgating environment. As an AD you can't guarantee your team will be competing for championships each and every year but you can assure that the fans have a good time before and after the game.