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Inside the UB Basketball Black Hole

1st Half, Minute 10 to Minute 5, everything temporarily falls apart.

Adam Hunger

After months of UB Football 1st Quarter scoring woes, UB basketball gives us the 1st half black hole, between minute 10 and 5, UB struggles mightily...which might not be so bad if they didn't also struggle mightily in the final 5 minutes of the game.

The 1st half black hole has kept should-be blowouts close, and the lack of finish has turned some should wins into losses. Most recently, UB was -6 in the 1st half black hole against Toledo, (which turned an early 13 point lead into a 7 point lead, UB would lose by 2), and -5 vs both Kent and Ball State during the black hole (Turned a 15-14 lead vs Kent into a 18-22 deficit, UB would win by 11, and turned a 21-15 lead into a 27-26 lead at Ball State, UB would lose by 3).

Let's fly into the black hole and see what we find:

1) Assist to Turnover Rate Falls

Outside of the black hole, UB has a 1.1 assist to turnover ratio. Inside the hole, UB has a .7 ratio. Evans and Oldham combine for 14 assists and 13 turnovers during the black hole, while Freelove and Moss combined for 0 assists and 8 turnovers.

2) Too Much Much

During the black hole, Much sees a 24% increase in playing time and Ford sees 10% more playing time. Skeete receives 18% less playing time (which might not be a bad thing) while Will Regan sees 17% less playing time. That said minute for minute, Much is the best scorer, with .472 points scored per minute played in the black hole.

3) Too Many Threes

During the black hole, UB's 3-point shots increase by 10%, but their 3-point make percentage decreases by 6%. Skeete is 1 for 10 from 3 point during the black hole.

4) Missed Twos

Strangely, UB only made 37.7% of their two-point attempts during the black hole, vs. 49.4% during all other times.

5) The Missed Twos could be explained by an increase in shot preventing fouls but

UB gets to the line 3.45 times per black hole period, and 3.4 times per 5 minutes outside of the black hole, not a staggering increase. UB actually has better FT shooting in the black hole, 75% vs 71% outside of the black hole.

6) Volume Shooters

Freelove, Oldham and Skeete have scored 46 points in the black hole on 40 shots.

7) It's getting worse

In the past 3 games, the Bulls are 4 for 20 in the black hole including 0 for 7 from 3 point.  In those three games over the course of 15 minutes, UB has scored a total of 13 points. 8 of those points were by Javon McCrea and 6 of those 8 came in yesterday's Ball State game. Unsurprisingly in those 3 games during the black hole, UB only has 1 assist to 5 turnovers.