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Here's a map of where Buffalo football players are from

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor

Benn Stancil took the time to scrub ESPN's college player database. Those of you who have had to clean burs your dog (or kids) picked up in the woods have a slight idea what that must be like.  The results were then loaded into a nifty database and web front end matching those to counties using Google Maps' API.

The results nationally show what you might expect. South Florida, Texas, and the LA area are all football hotbeds. Conferences tend to focus heavily on recruiting locally but this is far more true in the P5 than the G5 . THe latter part there was me eyeballing it.

Outside of national data it is interesting to take a look at UB's map.

The shift away from Turner GIll's southern strategy and towards a more "conference footprint" oriented is really showing in the data. There is no Texas presence on the roster and outside of Miami Date, Palm Beach, and Broward counties in Florida there is no real huge presence south of Pennsylvania.

Just a nice diversion for the day.