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The Pregame Meal Baylor Breakfast

Clive Mason

Video of the Week: I'm 0-1

This week we'll talk about love and hate of Baylor.

First, a little love:

RG3, how can you not like what RG3 did as a college athlete and the potential he has shown as a NFL athlete. I also like that Brittney Griner did not play at UConn or Tennessee. I hate smug Geno Auriemma and I love parity.


I hate that QB's get a pass on TD celebrations. No one more than RGIII. You can't do anything in the end zone, but the QB can pass out, roll backwards take a knee do a prayer, go fancy high five, do the jumping chest bump (which we should all stop doing), get benched pressed by a lineman, and then run 50-yards to celebrate with the TD scorer. I think Johnny Manziel takes the title as most excessive celebrating QB which at least sheds light on the problem as no one likes him anymore. Also what is in the water in Texas, I only know what King of the Hill, Varsity Blues and Friday Night Lights the movie not the series, taught me, but I thought Texas didn't take too kindly to showboats...where do these players think they are...NEW YORK CITY?

Guest Haters: Frogs O' War who showed up in force to slam their newfound old school BIG XII rivals.


"You came to the right place - we have a history with them. Most of the B12 doesn't really care enough about Baylor to muster up real hate for them. Even some of the hate we at TCU used to have for them has diminished somewhat, due to being separated from them for a lengthy period.

It was a deathmatch way back when... battling for God's favor in the pulpit and dominion over Waco (don't ask me why) when both schools were crosstown rivals. There were some very nasty incidents, that would even make today's libs & teas say "whoa... ease up, guys!". And their using back-door politics to get themselves in (and us out) of the B12 when it started... well anyone can see where that would create a grudge. But it's been just long enough since all that happened, that most of today's students weren't even born yet... so it's not quite as nasty hot as it used to be. Some even see parallels between us, with both being small private religious schools fighting uphill battles against the evil OU and UT empires.

Still, there's something about them... the yucky green? uni, the stupid Teddy Bear mascot (what's TX about that?), the armpit that IS Waco, and they are only 70 miles away. You'd be wrong in thinking we want them to win every game before we take them down (only 1 loss would make them conference champs, and that's meant for US this year... and next). So what the hey... ok, sure, go ahead... beat the Bears; it'd give us oodles of laughs...for a long time to come. GO BUFFALO!"

Green the color of Ohio, Bears like the Bruins of Boston, yes I can hate them.

Hawkeyed Frog:

You came to the right place for Bear and Waco hating. Let's get started. If you're on the fence about hating Baylor and Waco, here's an easy questionnaire:

1. Do you enjoy dancing? If so, hate Baylor - where dancing was banned until 1996.
4. Do you enjoy good defense? If so, hate Baylor for allowing 807 yards in a single game last year, including over 600 passing yards.
5. Do you enjoy visiting stadiums that are full of passionate fans? Then hate Baylor, who were shoehorned into the Big 12 due to Governor Ann Richards' refusal to let UT and A&M change conferences without taking Baylor with them, while totally disregarding the interests of similarly private TCU, Rice and SMU, not to mention large state public school Houston.
7. Do you hate seeing long rivalriees end? If so, hate Baylor, who immediately ended one of the longest series in all of college football (still in the top 20 most played series, despite a hiatus of over a decade. They then agreed to a four game series and were prepared to let that end without scheduling any future games until TCU earned a Big 12 invitation. Without Baylor's cowardice in scheduling, TCU/Baylor would be the third most played rivalry in college football and about to move into the second spot behind Minnesota/Wisconsin.
8. Do you hate arsonists? if so, hate Waco (and quite possibly Baylor) for burning down the original TCU campus, which prompted our move to Fort Worth. Frankly, if Baylor had had any foresight they should have burned down their own campus and made the move themselves, as now they're still stuck in Waco.

Baylor delenda est. Go Buffalo.

Re: #6, The State paid for the Carrier Dome for private Syracuse, but won't give us the biggest State school an equivalent stadium...yea keep the State politics out of my sports!

Re: #8, We had arsonists burn our city, British Canadians, although to be fair we burned Toronto first so we're even on burnings.

TCU ‘90

"Bull_trojan, I can't speak for anyone else here, but I don't want Baylor to win out until the finale. Don't care if it hurts TCU, the Big XII, the state of Texas, the alignment of the planets, or what have you. No. I want them to lose. All the time. At everything. Even to SMU.

Playing Baylor is the only game my wife cares about. It's the only game she has circled, literally, on her calendar. It's the only game she said we absolutely have to see this season. Lose to Baylor, and she's up pacing the floor all night.

Just recently, I told my daughter, "Honey, I'll pay for any college you attend, except for Baylor and Texas A&M. And I'm only kidding about Texas A&M." No, I'm not doing a standup routine. I actually told her that. And I mean it. My daughter is 8.

If I die and go to hell, I fully expect to be forced to spend eternity watching Baylor highlight reels."

I don't have kids yet, but if by the time I do I have a school I hate ban them from going to, I'd like to think I've done my job as a writer/troll/parent.


"I too have told my 10 and 9 year old daughters, the 4 year old boy will hear this too someday, that they are not allowed to attend Baylor(actually I will not fund it nor will I attend parents weekend if they unilaterally decide to go) After the loveliness of the Tech visit last year, my wife moved that fine university above Baylor(we agree, aTm before that state university). Also, SMU absolutely rounds out the top 3. Finally, some towns and cities are called the armpit of that state or area, well Waco is the asshole of Texas!"

J.A. Grace

"Try out this video"

Lol U MAD Baylor? "You a T-Shirt Guy" is now a phrase I will use all the time.


"That last point is where the ire comes from. That's where the state government acted in the interest of a private university over a public one whose interests they had sworn to look out for. If Bullock and Richards were going to strongarm anyone into the Big 12 it should have been in the best interest of the state schools, not the private ones."


"The pregame meal segment is actually a really cool idea. Good luck finding somewhere decent to go in Waco, though. Waco as a whole is essentially a developing country with Baylor plopped down right in the middle of it. If you actually make it to the game don't wander or else you will get stabbed, solicited, or both*. The only thing really worth seeing in Waco is the Dr Pepper museum which, at the end of the day, is a museum for a soft drink. If you like disgusting brown rivers you could go see the Brazos, I guess.

Floyd Casey Stadium is a miniature bowl of crumbling concrete and sadness located in a mud pit off campus. They have a giant tarp because they can't fill the seats and their new stadium looks like a toilet.

Oh yeah. This happened and they also covered up a murder on their basketball team. So, ya know...that's pretty bad.

I would actually love it if you beat them, just to put a damper on their hopes and dreams. Art Briles is a solid coach, though, and isn't a total douche.

*Seriously though, please don't go anywhere that isn't directly next to campus if you value your safety."

Flattery will get you everywhere.


"The new stadium looks like a toilet because, as anybody that has driven by the river may know, the Brazos smells like a used diaper in a hot dumpster. My dad also likes to point out that with all the water nearby, game attendees are probably going to get devoured by mosquitoes, or grow extra limbs from all the pesticides needed."

Well I'll be there so hopefully this is Hyperbole.

TCU ‘90

"Horned Frog Haiku - I hate Baylor edition

Do I hate Baylor?
Hell yes. Let me count the ways.
The Big 12's armpit."


"Baylor's recruiting Haiku

Sometimes we murder
our teammates. Not often though!
Come play for Baylor.

Hopefully one day
we might make the Cotton Bowl
Come play for Baylor.

What about defense?
We don't play that in Waco.
Come play for Baylor."

J.A. Grace

"also guys, i just need you to know something about the black bear and the state of texas"

Frogs O' War drops the Mic.

Standing ovation to Frogs O' War who still embody the good "Mid Major" attitude we love even though they moved on up to the Power Conference. My fanpost request received 88 reply comments and when the Baylor fans joined in, well lets just say if it wasn't on before, it's on now. That's the goal of the Pregame Meal, turning love into hate, apathy into hate and cold semi forgotten hate into fresh white-hot hate.