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Monday Morning Stock Report

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

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Jeff Quinn Quinn's win against UConn is the first out of conference FBS win since Turner Gill led the Bulls over UTEP in 2009. Uconn is pretty bad this season but these are the games where Quinn's squads have typically pled down to their opponents.
Branden Oliver Oliver is finally starting to look like he is back to form. It was not an exceptional performance by Oliver standards but his running did take the pressure off of the passing game.
Lou Tepper Lou Tepper's defense faces a team that would be susceptible to the pass rush and consistently sent four or more pass rushers. He played the corners tight(ish) and let nature take it's course.
Patrick Clarke
Yes he missed a couple of field goals but he also drilled two very long ones.
ESPN3 Feed If ESPN three is going to pick up every MAC home game to prevent the conference selling third tier rights then they have to put fourth better quality feeds. Worst feed ever.
MAC Commercials If the MAC is going to advertise it's teams can they *PLEASE* not use athletes wearing generic colors? Put some real non revenue players in real uniforms out there.