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At The Half: UConn is <

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Watchable defense, passible offense, this is the semi good UB we expected to see back in August.

UB leads 28 -12 thanks to the defense and special teams.

Lee Skinner has 7 tackles, Mack has 6 and .5 TFLs (which seems wrong)

Redden and Beau Bachtelle have 2 sacks each, and Redden's first sack caused a fumble that he recovered and led to UB's first TD a 5 yard TD pass from LIcata to Schreck.

After a UConn field goal, UB went up 14-3 on a Najja Johnson Interception returned for a touchdown.

After another UConn field goal, UB's Colby Way blocked a field goal and we saw a glimpse of 2011 BO who started 4 for -4, but finished the half 5 for 48 and a TD, giving Buffalo a 21-6 lead.

UB's offense scored again, this time with a beauty from Licata to Neutz, to take the biggest lead of the game 28-6. The two scoring drives traveled 138 yards in 8 plays.

UConn struck last, with a 7 play 75 yard drive ending in a Lyle McCombs score, a failed 2 pt conversion ruined BruwPeg chances around the world.

UConn's last drive of the half was ended by 2 sacks, giving UB the chance to score before the half, but Patrick Clarke missed a 49-yard field goal.

UB leads the battle of the hot seats 28-12.