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Bull Run movie night - UConn Air

As game day approaches let's hit redbox, get some popcorn and watch a movie while we hash out our final thoughts about this weeks game. This weeks movie U-Con Air

Lets tune in to a classic movie about a good guy put on a plane with a lot of bad people who was just trying to find his way home. Let's call the UB players the good guys and all the people responsible for the state of the program as the bad guys. Will the hero's get home?

The Jeff Quinn extension took a lot of the air out of UB Fandom's sails. For many a fan this game was the kick off of what could have been Jeff Quinn's extension proving ground. Buffalo has four straight very winnable FBS games and up until last Friday we did not know the contract extension between Quinn and the university was completed.

For UConn fans though the question of coaching tenure is alive and well. Paul Pasqualoni's near miss against Michigan last week seems to have softened some of the criticisms that the third year coach was receiving but the Towson loss is still on the minds of Huskie faithful.

I've come to see this as a tipping point game for UB. Connecticut is better than their 0-3 record but they are a beatable squad for the Bulls. Maybe the best "beatable" team left on our schedule this season so it's time to see what Jeff Quinn was building which convinced Danny White to retain the 10-29 coach.

The last time UB won an out of conference game against an FBS opponent was the 2009 game against UTEP. The year before that Buffalo beat Army. Since the UTEP game Buffalo is 0 for 13 against Bowl Subdivision teams out of conference.

How does UB win? Proper use of the clipboard! Chandler Whitmer has matured a lot so far this year but he still seems to get happy feet when pressured in the pocket. He also tends to get tunnel vision during stretches of the game where he is picking himself up off the turf.

Offensively the Bulls stretch the field not just by setting up spread formations but by actually distributing the ball to more than just Alex Neutz and the tight ends.

Will we do these things? Well it never happens against Stonry Brook so I'm not too hopeful that we see something big happen but if the coaching is there then the talent is there.