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Bulls Hoping For Improved Game Day Atmosphere

In the past, UB Stadium has been home to small crowds and losing football. With Danny White now in charge, the Bulls hope that a turning of the tides is taking place.

Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

"If you look at the previous game, it was probably the best game day atmosphere that I've ever seen since I've been here."

The above words came from University at Buffalo Head Coach Jeff Quinn during his weekly press conference Tuesday afternoon.

Such focus on the Bulls game day atmosphere has been a focus of the Buffalo athletic department ever since Danny White became the university's athletic director.

His predecessor, current Connecticut AD Warde Manuel was never able to bring an exciting game day atmosphere to Bulls football games.

White has made drastic changes, many unpopular but his best move to date has been to bring excitement to the Buffalo pregame tailgating experience.

Whether it was the preseason hype surrounding the team or Danny White's changes to the Bulls game day activities, it worked during Buffalo's home opener, as the 3rd largest crowd in UB history was on hand to see the Bulls 26-23 five overtime victory over Stony Brook.

With a bigger name opponent in Connecticut coming to UB Stadium Saturday, another big crowd is expected to show up this week.

"I know regular students who don't play athletics and they’re so excited" Bulls defensive back Okoye Houston said.

"It’s going to be 75 and sunny in the SUNY system Saturday" Quinn said, "Looking forward to a tremendous crowd."

Quinn and his players should be expecting a large crowd on Saturday.

Despite the Bulls 1-2 start, the team still has a bunch of hype and is expected to compete for a MAC East division title.

Pair their hype with the expected weather forecast and pregame festivities; it finally looks like the Bulls are putting forward a solid product.

In a professional sports town like Buffalo, colleges need to sell their athletics in order to draw. Not only do schools like Buffalo need to win but they also have to be exciting and bring something extra in addition to winning.

Danny White is trying to bring that excitement. He may have made some decisions that have angered the Buffalo community but he ultimately is trying to give them a better experience.

So what should Bulls fans expect on the field Saturday?

They should expect a close, hard fought game. Despite losing their last eight contests against Connecticut, Buffalo has kept close in recent years with their games riding on a few plays.

"This one is a big one" Quinn said, "With a veteran team, this is the perfect timing for us to see where we’re at."

"We’re close to that milestone of beating them" Houston said, "the difference between winning and losing is a few plays."

Quinn and the Bulls hope to have a loud and enthusiastic crowd cheering them on Saturday afternoon.

If Buffalo can pull off a victory over the Huskies, they might just get there wish more often.