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The Pregame Meal: Stony Brook - Dinner

The Pregame Meal is back in the friendly confines, the track of the MAC (east) UB home sweet home road Stadium. Today we face our most fearsome FCS opponent, before our true FCS game vs. UMass. The goal of the pregame meal is to Hydrate, Nutritionate, and Player Hate. It is your bulletin board's bulletin board material. The Pregame Meal also delivers 10 factors that will decide the game, and over 50% of those factors are actual football facts. After the game, I revisit it all, during the postgame meal. 10 games, we need to win 6. 60% not that hard.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports


New York's best Sandwich: The Beef on Weck


Today we'll go with the: New York Cocktail

10 Factors to decide the game

1) UB Offense vs Stony Brook Defense

Stony Brook's defensive line is on average 19 pounds lighter than Ohio State's, their Linebackers are 13 pounds lighter than Ohio State's and Stony Brook has three defensive backs 5'10 and shorter. If it looks like BO was running with a parachute on his back, this game should be the game where the parachute comes off. Neutz, who has dominated the offense so far, offers our only real matchup dilemma, will Stony Brook double him? If they do, BO and the tight ends will really have to step up. But today, I think size matters and UB will win this matchup.

Advantage: Bulls


2) House Protection Index:

New York @ Buffalo: 33 Players from New York = 66 points

Stony Brook: 50 Players from New York = 100 points

Advantage: Seawolves

3) UB Defense vs Stony Brook Offense

Despite the hype, Marcus Coker only ran for 90 yards on 23 carries against Rhode Island. I can live with that. The passing game was dependent on the play action pass. If UB can hold Coker to 3-4 yards per carry without bringing extra pressure, they can drop back in their zone coverage and slowly suffocate the Seawolf offense.

That said I'd obviously prefer that we pin our ears back and pound Stony Brook into submission, but that's just me. Stony Brook only played one game, but Rhode Island did not look on Stony's level, that said, the numbers just aren't that impressive on offense. Stony's use of the playaction plays into UB's strenghts, unlike Baylor who gets the ball out quickly, playaction keeps the ball in the QBs hands a little longer. Look for Mack to have a big day.

Advantage: Bulls

4) Bad Quote of the week


"There’s a buzz around Buffalo for this football game."

Stony Brook:

Although Buffalo's Joe Licata hit receiver Alex Neutz for six completions covering 197 yards and one touchdown last week at Baylor, Nakwaasah said the numbers were "inflated" because of the nature of a 70-13 loss.

Is Buffalo buzzing for 0-2 UB against a FBS team? That's not the Buffalo I remember. But Nakwaasah please, did you even watch the tape? Neutz ate them up in the first half and sat the entire 2nd half, you get the bad quote of the week.

Advantage: Bulls


5) X-Factor

Buffalo: Alex Neutz - Caught 15 for 295 this year at Ohio State and at Baylor.

Stony Brook: Jahrie Level - Caught 10 for 119 against Bowling Green as a member of the Idaho Vandals last year. Will see his first action as a Seawolf today.

Advantage: Bulls

6) Tweet of the week


Stony Brook:

Advantage: Push. UB has great social life, great parties and despite sometimes mirroring Siberia, isn't that miserable. Except for the Buffalo News Sports Department...misery nourishes them.

7) Key Situation

3rd and long. Stony Brook converted 3rd and long through the air 6 times. Will Buffalo drop 8 and rush 3 or will they bring the pressure? Will the secondary step up this week?

Advantage: Stony Brook

8) US News & World Report Ranking

Buffalo: 109

Stony Brook: 82

Advantage: Stony Brook

9) In a close game...

Buffalo has twice failed to score in the redzone: Stuffed on the goaline at Ohio State and fumble on the 10 yard line against Baylor that was returned for a touchdown. Buffalo also had an extra point blocked. In a close game, those deficiencies could spell trouble.

Stony Brook's kicker is 1 for 2, missing wide right from 27. They won't see the swirling winds of November, but UB Stadium is rarely a kickers paradise. In a close game, SB's kicker may not come through in the clutch.

Advantage: Stony Brook, missing out on points when you are in close is a season killer.

10) Goin' Streaking:

The Thomas E. Dewey SUNY Trophy: Buffalo holds 1-0 series lead, last game 2011.

Buffalo vs FCS: 4 consecutive wins

Buffalo at Home: 2 consecutive wins

Stony Brook vs FBS: 5 consecutive losses

Advantage: Buffalo

Overall winner:

Buffalo: 5-4 probably closer than it should be, but UB will get the win.