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Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

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So over on "Any Given Saturday" they are calling Stony Brook "a lock" to beat UB. The site UB Fan got wind and most the idea we could lose to the Championship subdivision Seawolves is completely laughable.

I am not "Scared" as such but I do think a lot of fans are taking Stony Brook way too lightly. As usual the truth here is somewhere in the middle. This season has seen a ton of FCS wins and near wins against both some of the best and worst teams in the Bowl Subdivision.

Any game can go either way, That's Why They Play The Game.

The Seawolves are a team which should compete for the Colonial Athletic Association title in this, their first year of membership. Their #13 ranking in the ranks of FCS teams is well earned and could be the prelude to another deep run in the Championship Subdivision playoffs this season. They nearly knocked off #1 Montana last season.

But beyond the "That's why they play the game", or they are a quality FCS team is there a reason for UB to worry about Stony Brook?

There are two big reasons on offense to think that Tony Brook will continue their recent history of challenging FBS teams (Last season they Beat Army and took Syracuse to the dge of defeat).

The first is Marcus Coker. A punishing transfer from Iowa of the Big Ten.

In 2011 Coker put up more than 1,300 yard on the ground for the Iowa Hawkeyes. The few highlights I have seen makes me think he runs a lot like Bo. This is not dgood news for a defensive backfield which looked timid against Baylor Running backs.

The second is Jahrie Level. Not as good a receiver I think as Alex Neutz but I don't doubt if he were a Bull he would be starting and contributing maybe more than any second receiver we have. He looked good last year against LSU, Bowling Green, and other teams that his Idaho Vandals played.

Jahrie Level #19 Idaho Vandals from Naj Lovett on Vimeo.

These two guys also have a very good and experienced line supporting them. Four returning starters from a solid team. If the line can give Lyle Negron any kind of time he can make the Bulls pay.

Lat week the Stony Brook Quarterback was without Level and still manage to distribute 12 completions to five different receivers. Three player pulled in three receptions, with one player pulling two, and another getting a single reception.

That's good distribution of the ball and a reason to think that with Level back the Bulls secondary could have their hands full. Not as full as they were with Baylor mind you but any time a team puts three useful receivers on the field against a Tepper defense I worry a little bit.

On the other side of the Ball I'm not worried. I'm sure Stony Brook will take Alex Neutz more seriously than Baylor did, may their gods help them if they don't shine a big light on Neutz in team meetings this week. But Stony Brook let Rhode Island pass all over them and I suspect UB's tight ends and perhaps Fred Lee will have a breakout day.

On top of that the Bulls need to get Oliver producing. No more excuses about the level of competition. If Oliver can't drop a hundred on Stony Brook then there are serious questions about the effectiveness of UB's offensive line.

Do I expect UB to win? yes. I even thing they may win big. I look at the current line of 11 points as very conservative but if it gets into the third quarter and this game is close I won't be shocked.