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Bull Market Stock Report

All the market tips you need to make a "Bull Run"

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Khalil Mack Everyone is buying - It feels weird for a Buffalo player to get the accolades they deserve. I mean last season we had the best cover corner in the conference not even get honorable mention on the all MAC team. But Khalil Mack is showing that it can be done, you just need to start sniffing at all time NCAA records.
Danny White Risky Stock with a high up side - This is one that is not everyone is sold on but if White's strategy pans out it could reshape the face of Football in New York State
David Clawson Smart Leadership Changes Pays Dividends - There are a lot of coaches who would allow "Their Guy" to flounder for the first two or three games before pulling the trigger on him. Dave Clawson's defense gave him a little while to think it over and the coach made a change. Then Bowling Green blew Tulsa out of the water
Alex Neutz Great performer with some risk - I'm not a fan of Nuetz returning punts. Conrad pointed out in "Last Bull In" that Neutz is a big guy and your only proven receiver. Why put him in harms way against Ohio State when we will absolutly need him for conference play?
Branden Oliver Personnel Issues May Hurt Growth - Oliver's prospects for solid runs against Ohio State took a bit of a hit when Boomer Brock hurt his leg. Buffalo's power running game relied on a big full back in front to help clear out the garbage in BO's way.
Jeff Quinn Upgraded from Sell - The performance of UConn last night is something of a double edged sword. It proved, beyond any doubt, that UB *CAN* beat them, on the flip side it's going to make UB an opponent the Huskies foucs in on. If Quinn wins this then UB will likely be 2-2 heading into conference play.
UB Full Backs Human Resource Issues - First Jordan Johnson and now Boomer Brock. The Bulls are back to using a converted defensive lineman to block for Oliver. It may have worked for Rashad Jean but he is gone and pulling that miracle twice is unlikely.
Marty Spieler After four years of his leadership Buffalo is reduced to sticking their best receiver, their only receiver of note, and a guy too big to be returning kicks on the Punt Return team? Against Ohio State?!?! Special teams has been a disaster during the Quinn era.
Paul Pasqualoni It's far to say that unless UConn recovers in a big way this year Warde Manuel will be looking for a new head football coach by Thanksgiving, if he is not already putting together a short list.