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UConn loses to Townson Kent Beats Liberty and Bowling Green upsets Tulsa

Jared Wickerham

First off there is no doubt whos job is in more danger when UConn faces off against Buffalo in a few weeks.

Towson 33 - UConn 18: An Unmitigated Disaster - The UConn Blog
And worse yet, Towson dominated UConn in every facet of the game right from the get go. They ran the ball all over UConn, completed short, medium and deep passes whenever they wanted, and they absolutely crushed UConn's offensive line. Chandler Whitmer had some quality throws, but it seemed like every other play he was running for his life the moment he had the ball in his hands.

In Pasqualonis defense he is 2-0 against UB...

Kent State almost got upset against Liberty but thats not the worst part.

Archer goes down, Kent wins season opener - Hustle Belt
On the first drive of the game, Dri Archer appeared to have had his Ankle smashed underneath a pile and, after coming back for a play in the second series, had to sit out the rest of the game. Head coach Paul Haynes said in his press conference that he thinks he will OK, but even those reassuring words will not be enough to ease the tension of the Kent State faithful tonight.

"He's fine" is something people hear a lot when a teams star suffers a weird injury. Hopefully Archer is ok but you never know.

Then there was Bowling Green who's defense showed wy they are favored to win the MAC East. They faced off against Tulsa, the supposed best team in Conference USA, and humbled them 34-7

FalconBlog--Triumphs and Trials in the BGSU Falcon Nation: Sweet Victory!
Third, I give Coach credit. Matt Schilz came out and did what we all remembered him doing last year, and Coach made the change and fast. Johnson wasn't incredible throwing the ball but he made some plays with his feet and seemed to give the team an immediate lift. I'm guessing this will be a permanent change. Either way, it took some guts.