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Danny White talks about the future

Before Jeff Quinn and Khalil Mack faced the Buffalo Media UB's athletic director stepped up to the mic with a very solid statement. There were no juicy details about the next move UB will make, in fact their were no announcements of any kind.

But white, who I have said is eating an elephant (New York State) one bite at a time put out what I think would be an appropriate mission statement for "Campaign New York State"

"We're not selling what we are today, we are selling what we aspire to become"

UB institutionally is not all that different from the schools you find in the Big Ten, the SEC, or the ACC. The University wants severely in terms of athletics but as a school Buffalo would be no odd ball in any P5 conference.

White is gambling that improving a schools athletic profile is a simpler matter than improving their institutional profile. I believe that's a safe bet.