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NCAA Recrutiing 2013 - Buffalo Bulls - Zach Abey

UB is starting to get more verbals as the summer rolls on.

Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

Buffalo has their second verbal commitment of the year. Archbishop Spalding Football star Zach Abey has accepted a scholarship offer to play football for UB.

Abey played both Quarterback and Linebacker and at 6'2" 205 pounds has the right dimensions to play either. Though most scouting sites have him listed as a quarterback prospect. His style could best be described as dual threat, similar in play to Alex Zordich. A tough heady runner who is a less effective passer than he is with his feet.

Halfway through last season, that bore out as Abey was just 38-for-84 passing with 474 yards and 2 TDs against 5 pics. On the ground however he had 99 carries going for 671 yards and scoring 9 TDs.

Opposing coaches did have to plan around Abey,

Its great to have that kind of leadership for a team where they say, 'He's going to show us the way to put us on his back and we're going to get on.' It's one of those things where they've created a culture of tough perseverance. To watch their coach [Mike Whittles, who died from pancreatic cancer in June] endure what he did. You can say he lost his battle, but he more than beat the odds. He lived an active lifestyle for over a year. That permeates the program and that's a group of kids that believes they can beat us." -- Donald Davis, Calvert Hall head coach

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