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NCAA Spring Football Buffalo Bulls Offensive Line

One of the key question areas that few are talking about, who replaces the right side of UB's line?

Gokhan Ozkan and Graham Whinery are gone and in their wake UB has a gaping hole on the right side of the line. Talking about who will fill out spots on the line is less eye catching than your quarterback battles but as we saw last season a team can be injury riddled so long as the offensive line holds up.

Buffalo's started the same set of linemen every game during 2012. This group blocked for two different starting quarterbacks and three different primary running backs, but still was rock solid. Three different ball carriers ran for 500 yards or more, including Zordich, who ran for 501 yards despite not playing in the final four games of the season.

Now with spots open at the right Guard and right tackle spot the question is can UB put togther another line solid enough to match last seasons squad.

Jake Silas and Dillon Guy were the guys who backed up Ozkan and Whinery last season so they will be up ro replace them this season.

Dillon Guy is the most likely to get bumped up to starter. As a backup lase season Guy still say time in 10 games as a multi-position reserve. Jake Silas is probabally going to have to compete afainst Gabriel Barbe this spring, the winner will go into the summer as the starting right tackle.

After three years of heavy recruiting focus on the line the Bulls now have a solid two deep and a few young backs to spare. On top of Guy, Silas, and Barbe UB returns the center and left side of their line, Andre Davis, Trevor Sales, and Jasen Carlson.

Bob Blogdett is a returning backup who might compete for time and that rounds out probably the top seen or so players competing for jobs. Behind them is Jake Pickett and John Kling who also saw some minutes last season.

This years camp has a totally different feel than 2010, when Coach Jeff Quinn arrived. Quinn inheirted a team with bout six or seven serviceable linemen and after one injury, to Mass Ostrowski, converted defensive linemen started showing up on the depth chart backing up multiple positions.

This season the second team will have a full compliment of guys who are focus on their position and who will be able to step in and provide a breather for the starters. In addition to the players mentioned Jason Abdo, Jaden Cotton, Andrew Borruso, and Dan Collura were all redshirts last season who will be in the mix for the second team.

With Oliver healthy, along with Devin Campbell and perhaps James Potts a healthy line could set some team records this year. So far this spring they have looked good helping Branden Olvier to score UB's first scrimmage touchdown and then setting up Anthone Taylor for a 50 yard scamper/