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New Tampa Bay Buc Steven Means has a press conference in Buffalo

I don't think I've ever seen Steven Means talk so much in front of the press. After watching this it's fairly easy to see how he nailed the interviews during Buffalo's pro-day.

Started out by talking about how much this whole thing meant. "I'm just Honored, I'm just blown away by this whole experience". But he quickly talked about coming down to earth, and trying to finish one of his final papers after being drafted.

When means started to see players who visited with him get drafted he went outside for air, and it wsa at that moment that his phone rang. Means will be joined by his roommate Willie Moseley, who called means later that day with the news.

Means reiterated that he will do whatever needs to be done for Tampa "I've been playing d-end my whole life and I have been training for linebacker since last year just in case".