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Hurley on The Fan

Coach Hurley took to the air again,once again talking on the The Rich Gaenzler Show.

The new UB coach talked about how well he thinks the team is adjusting to the pace of his practices emphasising that right now he is less focused on implimenting "his offense" than he is in improving osme of the teams fudimentals. He is trying to help Javon McCrea a bit on the outside shot to more round out his game but Hurley stressed that McCrea is "a phyical specimin hes very gifted athleticially."

Will Regan was also talked up as someone who will play a huge role stretching the floor for McCrea.

The recruiting processs and targets were also duscussed, Much was mentioned as wsa Hurley's vision of bringing in some of the talent from New Jersey.

Finally Gaenzler spent a couple of minutes talking up the UB Spring game noting that teams lie Florida States attendance and hoping that UB could impress with their attendance. It's doubtful UB gets thousands of people there but the game is getting far more press than it has been in previous years.