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Century of Bull - 1904

For want of a practice field UB football ended a ten year run.

Syracuse NY Herald - September 25th, 1904
Syracuse NY Herald - September 25th, 1904

After the 1903 season it seemed as if the Buffalo football program had gotten over it's recent struggles. Games involving UB were still drawing more than three thousand fans and a lot of New York Colleges were more than happy to take a trip into Buffalo for matches.

Throughout the spring and summer UB's manager lined up the schedule and went out looking for players. Going into the season the expectation from UB, and the upstate New York Community was that UB would field a strong team.

Among the opponents that UB had scheduled was a Thanksgiving game at Olympic park against Syracuse University. These games were hugely popular locally and were, in a way, the highlight of the football season in the city.

Also scheduled were the regular suspects. The Rochester Squad, who trounced UB at home in 1903 were going to make a return trip. UB was also set to host Hobart, a school which had become an annual opponent for UB.

Buffalo even had a signature matchup against Colgate set up. The game would have taken place in Hamilton in mid October and resumed Buffalo's mission to schedule more of the east coast colleges who had name recognition on the east coast.

In late September though it became evident that the team was not going to be able to field a team. It was not local interest, nor a lack of players that was cited. According to the Syracuse Herald it was an inability to secure a place where they could regularly practice.

One by one notices started to appear in local news papers as teams scrambled to fill gaps in their schedule. UB Football would not be mentioned again until 1915.