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Spring Football Kick Off - Roster Changes Part 1

A list of UB Players who are no longer on the roster and why

Steven Means is one of the Seniors who has moved on.
Steven Means is one of the Seniors who has moved on.

With all the changes to UB's basketball program we've been a little slow in picking up spring football coverage but believe it or not they are on the field today. It's a new team minus some of the faces you expected to be gone and some that are something of a surprise.

The Obvious - Seniors Thank you for your service

Name Position Class Games
Gokhan Ozkan OL SR 12
Graham Whinery OL SR 12
Isaac Baugh DB SR 12
Steven Means DL SR 12
Willie Moseley DL SR 12
Wyatt Cahill DL SR 12
Scott Pettigrew LB SR 8
Dalonte Wallace LB SR 6
Imani Chatman LB SR 6
Jerry Davis QB SR 0
Saron Hood WR SR 0

The biggest losses are Means, Ozkan, Whinery, and Cahill. The damage done by graduation in on the line and it could cut very deep.

Slightly Less Obvious - Would have been Seniors

Name Position Class Games
Jake Reeder TE JR 5
Pat Wilson OL JR 1
Daniel Gold DB JR 0

As a Red shirt Freshman Pat Wilson in 2010 started 11 games. That put him on a path to be part of Coach Quinn's rebuilding in Buffalo. Then in 2011 Wilson's shoulder injury kept him from taking advantage of depth issues which would have given him a good amount of snaps.

Last year he backed up Andre Davis.

Reeder was another player whos career took a serious hit due to injury. during his freshman year, against Northern Illinois, he suffered a severe knee injury. The injury ended his 2010 season, and cost him the next year as he struggled to get back to form.

More surprising yet - The Juniors (Last years Sophomores)

Name Position Class Games
Khari Brown LB SO 12
Kyndal Minniefield DB SO 12
Rashad Jean RB SO 8
Joe Felicia DL SO 2

Jean, listed as a sophomore by the NCAA was listed as a senior by the university. Big loss at Fullback \he played well in the limited time he got last season.

Brown Transferred to Howard University, considering the loss of Pettigrew, Wallace, and Chatman things are opening up at linebacker for some of the younger players.

Minniefield is also gone, moved back to Alabama. Last season he played a key role in UB's victory over UMass. With Buffalo trailing Adam Redden blew past the Minutemen and blocked Johnson’s kick. Kyndal Minniefield recovered the ball and returned it 33 yards for a game-changing touchdown.