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Senior Salute - Derek Brim

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Buzz before he arrived: Played at Canisius, walked on to the Bulls.

His Journey: Brim worked with the scout team before getting on the active roster in 2011. He has played in 33 games with 15 starts in 2013. Brim has 104 tackles,

Debut Performance: Brim's first action was a 2 tackle effort in 2011 against Stony Brook.

Breakout Performance: In 2012 Brim recorded 26 tackles over 3 weeks to keep the Bulls competitive against Pitt and Toledo and to help UB defeat Miami.

Senior Moment: At Ohio State, Brim recovered a Blake Bean forced fumble, setting up UB's first score of the day.

Also involved in the maybe fumble that swung momentum vs Ohio.