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Senior Salute - Alex Dennison

Buzz before he arrived: Recruited by Turner Gill, Dennison was slated to support Zach Maynard or possibly move to a position of need due to his athleticism.

His Journey: From Irwin, PA, Dennison played in 45 games and started 11 as a Bull. Dennison spent his first year as a QB before moving to TE. The Wild Bull, Dennison was the preferred signal caller for UB's wildcat variations. Dennison has 1 passing TD, 2 rushing TDs and 2 receiving TDs as a Bull.

Debut Performance: In his first game as a Bull, Dennison completed 4 of 7 passes for 30 yards and ran for another 26 yards in the 2010 Rhode Island game. In 2011, Dennsion caught a 57 yard TD pass in his new Tight End role.

Breakout Performance:


With the game on the line against Miami in 2012, a bad snap ruined a field goal attempt, but Tony Daniel and Dennison stayed focused and converted the 4th down.

Senior Moment: Dennison scored a TD (receiving) in the 2013 Miami game.