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Senior Salute - Alex Zordich


Buzz before he arrived: Zordich was on Jeff Quinn's radar when the QB attended a camp at Cincinnati. With the loss of dual-threat Zach Maynard, UB was hopeful the dual-threat QB with the NFL pedigree could step right in and keep Buffalo on track.

His Journey: From Cardinal Mooney in Youngstown, Ohio, Zordich sat behind Jerry Davis before he was called to action as a freshman, but broken ribs prevented Z from finishing the season. In 2011, Zordich sat behind transfer Chazz Anderson to the dismay of the UB faithful. In 2012, the program finally his, Zordich was ultimately usurped after an injury. Finally a concussion has left Zordich inactive for most of the 2013 season. Zordich played in 22 games and started 11 as a Bull.

Debut Performance: As a true freshman, Zordich came into the NIU game in 2010 where he was 2 for 3 for 19 yards passing ran 5 times for 23 yards.

Breakout Performance: In 2012, Zordich started the season impressively. At Georgia and vs Morgan State, Zordich completed 30 of 45 passes for 385 yards and 5 TDs to 1 INT. Zordich added 16 rushes for 93 yards and another Touchdown.

Senior Moment: Zordich was put in the Baylor game as a strategic attempt to preserve the defense. Zordich was 5 for 10 for 66 yards and ran 6 times for 30 yards. Not as bad as it seems in hindsight, he was ultimately done in by a premature snap.

Future: With the size and heart to play in the NFL at any position except QB, Zordich could have a professional career in some league ahead of him, however with his history of injuries, he may be better off pursuing a career in his major field, Business. I could also see Zordich in a coaching role, Quarterbacks who couldn't find success on the field tend to focus on the X's and O's and end up being great coaches.