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Western Michigan vs Buffalo Bulls Football Game

Long term Athletic Director Kathy Beauregard is accustomed to living the life of the upperclass MAC of the team. Idle and spoiled by years of relative success with Bill Cubit her yacht gets stuck in Lake Michigan. With the team stuck in the water Kathy hires PJ Fleck to remodel her football team. Fleck puts up with Kathy's rude and demanding attitude, only to have her refuse to "Row the Boat" because she dislikes they hype he used. When he demands respect, she shoves him overboard along with his tools.

That night, Beauregard falls overboard while searching for a non existant MAC championship ring on deck, develops amnesia, is rescued by a garbage scow and taken to the local hospital. Cubit goes to get her, but after seeing her mental state and mistreatment of the staff, he denies knowing her and returns to the yacht as an offensive coordinator in the Big10 destined to embark on a spree of parties with bigger programs.

After seeing her story on the local news, Fleck, a position coach living in the NFL, decides to seek his revenge and remedy his own career problems by taking advantage of the situation. He goes to the hospital and tells Kathly that she is Annie, his boss and athletic director. He convinces the staff of his identity by revealing a small birthmark on her behind, which he saw during the remodeling when she was wearing a revealing swimsuit. Unwillingly convinced, she reluctantly goes with him to Waldo Stadium.

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P.J. Fleck's summer bravado has turned into a running joke around the MAC. Not because he is a terrible coach and not because WMU is destined to be a terrible team. Fleck's "Row the Boat" summer theme is only funny because the Bronco's are in the early stages of a rebuilding akin to Ball State went through in 2009.

WMU lost a four year starter behind center, lost a coach that was successful pretty much every year, and finally had some very untimely off season injuries.

Last season the Bronco's lost to Buffalo in Amherst and that may have been the last straw for Bill Cubit. The win, Buffalo's first over the Bronco's, was aided by five Bronco turnovers.

Even with all the gifts UB still needed a late Joe Licata to Alex Neutz pass for the comeback win.

The coaching situation in the MAC is sorting itself out neither Jeff Quinn nor Fleck is in any kind of trouble. The drama here is all on the side of Buffalo who may need this game if they want to see the post season.