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Bruwpeg - Week 9 Ohio

The picks are getting harder but never fear you have an extra three days for research! That being said, get your picks in.

Have you ever heard the story of a young 18 year old Branded in Athens with UB for a two game hockey series and somehow spent the night in the clink for having a beer at a bar.   So, needless to say I am not a fan of Ohio.

Moving on!  Eight weeks in and only four weeks to try to catch dbburns.  The season is flying by!  Keep picking, I have heard of wild nights and the wins are bloating the ego.  Can dbburns stay focused or does the sudden fame get to him?

Bruwpeg Statistical information:

Points  High dbburns 34  Average 13

Only once has the leader after 8 weeks gone on to win it all.  That was UB Drop Out last year.

18 of the 37 pickers are four year veterans.  (Wow Bruwpeg is in it's fourth season!)  Thank you to the following cagey veterans:

dbburns, MarkChicago, VMan, UB92, BrandedBull*, Bull In Exile, BC Bull, kdahlberg93, Roch Bull, UB D/O*, Zigo230, ChiTown*, UBFan99, ChubbyHubby, Clodney, UBBulls08, UBBull98, & Admin

I did a terrible job of keeping stats the first two years never thinking we would be four years in.  I have been working to gather data.  If I missed anyone please let me know! Anyone volunteering to be Bruwpeg historian?  Anyone have any art skills to create a logo or mascot?  * Denotes Past Champion (I just do that because I am a past champ!)

My early season pick was PittBull.  Sitting in third place right now.  Within striking distance but needs to get hot this week.  With all the UB victories, I did expect ChubbyHubby to be higher up the leader board. Chubby Hubby has homer company this year with Bleeding Blue.  Early Rookie of the Year front runner is IslandBull (even thought he is not from the Isle De Grande!) clocking in at 15 points.  Best write up so far is leaning towards Albany Bull sitting in a tie for fourth with 17 points. ChiTown still trying to knock the rust off from taking a year off.  Any bets who finishes higher Drop Out or BC.  Does Drop Out just show flash his Bruwpeg champion ring to end any chatter?   Is their a dark horse in the mix who makes a perfect pick and vaults to the top of the leader board?  If I had to pick, watch out for that sneaky picker meigs1414.

I want to sincerely thank everyone for participation.  It really is a blast for me to compile the picks but I really like to read everyone's thoughts.  We have a smart fan base. Big game on Election Night.  I think they have covered every game except Baylor?   Looks like the line will be UB as a 4 point home favorite.

Participant New York Ohio
121Merrimac 34 31
Admin 35 20
Albany Bull 24 30
Basketbull 32 28
BC Bull 31 27
Bflo Super Fan 35 32
BfloFan4255 34 27
Bleeding Blue 38 32
BrandedBull 31 20
Bull In Exile 24 21
Bull Trojan 31 10
BVFA12 38 31
Calvin 31 27
ChiTown 34 26
ChubbyHubby 41 25
dbburns 38 24
DCA 28 24
Island Bull 35 31
Jeff Lebowski 31 24
kdahlberg93 30 27
MarkChicago 38 30
mbundt1 27 24
meigs1414 30 28
PittBull1 27 24
Roch Bull 32 21
Sabresfan97 34 23
UB D/O 25 21
UB92 45 42
UBBull98 38 35
UBBulls08 34 28
UBFan99 20 27
ukbro00 24 21
Vman 34 24
wearub46 38 24
Zigo230 33 27
Avg. Pred. 32 26