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Buffalo Bulls Football Records

Player fg Needs
1 A.J. Principe 44 12
2 Dallas Pelz 35 3
3 Patrick Clarke 32
Player xtp Needs
1 A.J. Principe 133 73
2 Scott Keller 71 11
3 Mark Mozrall 69 9
4 Patrick Clarke 60
Player pts Needs
1 A.J. Principe 265 109
2 Patrick Clarke (2011- ) 156

Let's not forget about Patrick Clarke!

The surge in UB Scoring this season has helped the Junior Kicker move up quite a bit in the UB Record Books. Devon Campbell gets 6 for a kickoff return and Clarke gets a point. Khalil Mack takes a pick all the way back, Clarke gets one, Licata hits Neutz there is another point for Clarke.

It all adds up and for Clarke it means he is already top five in three Buffalo record categories.

It's almost a given he will pass Dallas Pelz for number two all time for most field goals before this season is out. Principe may be safe this season but Clark has at least 18 more games kicking, and 12 more field goals may be within reach.

By the time the season is out Clarke will likely be number two in each major kicking category. Next season, though, it would be on the offense to score around 50 touchdowns, which is not totally unrealistic but rather unlikely.

But Clarke is not the only one who will make serious headway in the bottom half of this season.

The offense is led by a player near the beginning of his career who is already in the top 10.

Player TD's Needs
1 Drew Willy 52 40
2 Marty Barrett 44 32
3 Cliff Scott 43 31
4 Joe Freedy 32 20
5 Chad Salisbury 31 19
6 Frank Reilly 27 15
7 Gordon Bukaty 25 13
8 Ken Hyer 22 10
9 Jim Rodriguez 20 8
10 Licata 12

UB's Sophomore Quarterback, Joe Licata, passed Zach Maynard's touchdown mark last week. Jim Rodriguez is 8 touchdown passes ahead of Licata.

If Licata get's very hot in the down stretch of this season he may have a shot at Ken Hyer or even Gordon Bukaty.

The reality, however, is that as the season moves into late Autumn it becomes "Bo" season.  It's hard to see the Sophomore averaging more than two touchdowns a game during late night November games when the cold and wind make Oliver a far better option.

Next season, if Licata stays healthy and #1 on the depth chart he could climb as high as #4 in preparation for a 2015 Senior run at UB Legend Drew Willy.

For now "Jobi-Wan" will have to settle for being at the helm of a great UB team that is doing as well if not better than Willy's 2008 squad that went into Detroit and knocked off the #12 ranked Ball State Cardinals.

Only time will tell for Licata.

1 Jason Babin, W. Michigan 75 9
2 George Selvie, South Florida 69 3
3 Khalil Mack, Buffalo 66
1 5 Tied With -> 14 2
6 Zack Follett, California 13 1
Stryker Sulak, Missouri 13 1
8 Jabaree Tuani, Navy 12
Khalil Mack, Buffalo. 12

But Khalil Mack does not have a lot more to prove. Last week Mack moved into third place all time in tackles for loss.

The three needed to catch George Selvie may take just a week or two.

Babin of Western Michigan is catchable but the rest of the team can do a lot to help Mack out.

Right now to catch Jason Babin Mack needs to average one and a TFLs a game which is not unreasonable but hardly a lock.

If Buffalo goes bowling that average drops down to just over one and a quarter (1.28) per game.

If the Bulls manage to win the MAC East and then go bowling the number falls to one and an eighth (1.125) tackles for loss per game.

In terms of the forced fumbles record Mack is just two away from catching the leaders.

Player PD Needs
1 Gemara Williams (2002-05) 39 4
2 Mark Graham (2000-03) 37 2
3 Domonic Cook (2007-10) 36 1
4 Najja Johnson (2010- ) 35

Johnson had a quiet week against UMass and that kept him from catching Domonic Cook for number three all time in passes defended.

He can still catch Gemara Williams with four more passes defended but too many more weeks where he neither deflects or intercepts a pass and Williams' number starts to look safe for another few seasons.

But one long standing team record did fall against UMass, and another record is on notice.

Player Yards O-
1 Branden Oliver (2010- ) 3203
2 James Starks (2006-08) 3140 63
3 Anthony Swan (1994-97) 3103 100
Player Carries Needs
1 Anthony Swan (1994-97) 812 107
2 Branden Oliver (2010- ) 705

Branden Oliver ran all over UMass. 41 carries for more than two hundred yards, putting the Buffalo senior 63 yards ahead of current Green Bay running back James Starks.

With six games left Oliver could easily tack on another 500 plus yards.

I know people were saying Starks record would stand for awhile but get Oliver in the area of 4,000 career yards and that is a record which might last a decade or more.

UB ran Oliver 41 times which moved him into second all time just a bit more than 100 behind Anthony Swan.

18 Carries a game for the remainder of the regular season and Bo catches Swan.

Player Sacks Way
1 Rich Dadabo 24 9
1 Vince Canos 24 9
3 Khalil Mack 24 8
4 Trevor Scott 19 4
5 Steven Means 18.5 3.5
5 Dave May 18 3
7 Keith Hansen 16 1
8 Hardy Mitchell 15.5 0.5
9 Colby Way 15

Last but not least is Colby Way.

Last week Mack tied Rich Dadabo and Vince Canos for #1 all time in UB sacks but Way had to leave the game with an injury which could keep him out again this week.

Buffalo's senior defensive end is currently in 9th place all time and can, if healthy, climb a bit higher before his UB career is over.

The last update on Way was that he was questionable for the Kent game but he was still on the depth chart in the athletic departments game notes.