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Buffalo Bulls Record Watch

Welcome to the UB Record Books Joe Licata and Colby Way.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Well this is fun!

It used to be that watching the record books was the UB Football highlight of the week. Now that we are winning this has slipped to Friday and I almost forgot to do it all together.

Player TD Needs
1 Drew Willy (2005-08) 52 34
2 Marty Barrett (1980-83) 44 26
3 Cliff Scott (1991-94) 43 25
4 Joe Freedy (1998-2001) 32 14
5 Chad Salisbury (1997-98) 31 13
6 Frank Reilly (1988-90) 27 9
7 Gordon Bukaty (1958-60) 25 7
8 Ken Hyer (1981-84) 22 4
9 Jim Rodriguez (1978-80) 20 2
10 Zach Maynard (2008-09) 18
10 Licata (2012- 18

It's a good thing that I decided to dig into it because we have two new names to watch this week. Colby Way and Joe Licata are now listed in the schools top ten career marks.

Licata threw his 18th touchdown last week. That ties him with Zach Maynard for 10th all time.

He may pass Jim Rodriguez this week if he has a two touchdown week, if would take a massive blowout for him to surpass Key Hyeyer.

If his pace holds out for the final six games Licata should end the season ranked just ahead of Frank Reilly at #6.

Licata is on pace to set several single season marks. The Single season books for yards, attempts, completions, and touchdowns may all have Licata's name in them by the time this season is over.

And the kid is just half way through his sophomore year!

If Buffalo manages to find anyone to replace Neutz it's fair to say most of Drew Willy's career marks are fair game for the Western New York prep legend.

Player Sacks Way Mack
1 Rich Dadabo 24 9 1
1 Vince Canos 24 9 1
3 Khalil Mack 23 8
4 Trevor Scott 19 4
5 Steven Means 18.5 3.5
5 Dave May 18 3
7 Keith Hansen 16 1
8 Hardy Mitchell 15.5 0.5
9 Colby Way 15

Colby Way quietly climbed into the record books with his three sack showing last week. Well it was quiet to everyone but Western Michigan's Quarterback.

He and Mack are both climbing this season with Khalil Mack just one sack away from tying Rich Dadabo and Vince Canosas the all time UB leader.

Colby Way is a half sack behind Hardy Mitchell and a full sack behind Keith Hansen.

There is enough season left for him to maybe catch Tampa Bay Buccaneer defenders Steven Means and Trevor Scott.

It would be a big accomplishment for a guy who Phil Steele left off his all MAC mid season team.

And speaking of Khalil Mack...

The Standout Buffalo Linebacker has not been left off anyone's list. Chasing down two NCAA records has that effect on someone's reputation.

Player NCAA TFL Needs
1 Jason Babin, W. Michigan 75 11
2 George Selvie, South Florida 69 5
3 Terrell Suggs, Arizona St. 65.5 1.5
Johnathan Goddard, Marshall 65.5 1.5
5 Derrick Johnson, Texas 65 1
6 Khalil Mack, Buffalo. 64 0

Even with all of the double and triple team's Khalil Mack has faced he is still marching toward two NCAA records.

The most likely movent this week will be in the Tackle for loss category where a good game could move Khalil into third all time ahead of Terrell Suggs.

Jason Babin is still within shooting range but unless Mack has a career day during the last half of the season eleven tackles for loss might be too much to expect.

The other record we have been talking about is the all time NCAA record for forced fumbles.

Player (NCAA) FF Needs
1 Antwan Peek, Cincinnati 14 2
Terrell Suggs, Arizona St. 14 2
Kenechi Udeze, USC 14 2
Ryan Kerrigan, Purdue 14 2
Cordarro Law, Southern Miss 14 2
6 Zack Follett, California 13 1
Stryker Sulak, Missouri 13 1
8 Jabaree Tuani, Navy 12
Khalil Mack, Buffalo. 12

With six games left Mack is tied with former Mid-Shipman Jabaree Tuani at 8th all time.

But despite being 8th on the list he is only two fumbles away from being tied for first and then one more from setting the record.

A big hit hear, smart strip there and the Buffalo Senior will surpass names like Terrell Suggs.

Some teams on UB's schedule have proven to be very susceptible to fumbles.

Ohio, for example, has given up six fumbles this season. Kent has lost five fumbles.

UMass, Miami, Toledo, and Bowling Green are all rather stingy. Giving up as most a half fumble per game.

On defense there is one more player moving up in the UB books.

Player PD Needs
1 Gemara Williams (2002-05) 39 4
2 Mark Graham (2000-03) 37 2
3 Domonic Cook (2007-10) 36 1
4 Najja Johnson (2010- ) 35

Johnson may catch Domonic Cook this week and it's not unreasonable to think that Mark Graham's mark might also fall.

Johnson started the year quietly but he has really picked up during UB's current winning streak.

Johnson has five pass break ups and three interceptions.

On of those interceptions was returned 33 yards for a touchdown.

Cutting back over to the offense there are three categories that Branden Oliver may climb in.

Player Yards Need
1 James Starks (2006-08) 3140 153
2 Anthony Swan (1994-97) 3103 116
3 Alan Bell (1989-92) 3022 35
4 Branden Oliver (2010- ) 2987

Oliver is almost certain to pass Bell, and likely to pass Anthony Swan. The minute men are giving up more than 200 yards rushing per game so the all time record set by current Green Bap Packers running back James Starks is also in danger.

During this past weeks Last Bull In Conrad predicted a heavy does of running and perhaps Oliver would break the record before the half.

It would not be the first time Bo had well over 100 by the end of the second Quarter.

Player Carries
1 Anthony Swan (1994-97) 812 150
2 James Starks (2006-08) 698 36
3 Alan Bell (1989-92) 682 20
4 Branden Oliver (2010- ) 662 0

If Oliver rushes for 153 yards how many carries will it take?

Bo is 20 carries away from catching Alan Bell. If he ran 20 times for 153 yards that would be a YPC of more than seven and a half yards, well above the Seniors Career average.

Finally Bo is one touchdown away from catching O.D. Underwood for fifth all time among UB Backs. It's hard to see Oliver catch Anthony Swan and Lee Jones this year let alone James Starks. Lee and Jones are up seven and Starks is currently 12 touchdowns ahead of Bo.