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Buffalo and UMass rivalry trophy

Danny White has been all about the "Game Day Experience" and it paid dividends this season. Buffalo's total attendance through three games is pushing 70,000. It's a modest number in the grand scope of things but for a school which has been lucky to draw 90,000 in a season it's a very encouraging start.

It's not just the winning that is getting it done. Don't get me wrong; I am sure winning is a huge help, but Buffalo drew 24,000 after losing 70-13 to Baylor and drew 22,000 after needing five overtimes to beat an FCS school.

White's secret to success has been the atmosphere. Concerts, Student tailgates at Baird Point, even things as small as the live radio show broadcast from the Stampede Square have given UB football a different feel than it had in previous years. It's a distinctly "college" feel which was lacking in the past.

The Powder Horn
Date Buffalo Result
11/17/2012 29 @ 19
10/3/1970 16 vs. 13
9/27/1969 16 @ 6
9/28/1968 23 vs. 0
10/2/1965 18 @ 6
10/3/1964 22 vs. 24

But something is still missing... Here is a hint

After 99 years of football, and more than a dozen in the FBS UB is still without any kind of football rival

A lot of the problem is structural. In the MAC you have too many built in long standing rivalries. The directional Michigans, Akron/Kent, Bowling Green/Toledo, and Miami/Ohio are all so well established that UB has no place on their hate radar. The other two MAC schools are too far west, plus NIU and BSU have started their own rivalry& over the past half dozen years.

UB is left with UMass which is not only without an every year conference rival. Sure they could keep the Colonial Clash going with UNH but what kind of FBS school bothers to make a trophy game with an FCS program. Who needs that kind of ego boost? **cough** Temple **cough**

UMass does not only fit the bill because both teams are isolated in the MAC but also because they are two are more similar to each other than any other school in the conference. Both are their states primary public universities are are  more northeastern than a mid western culture.

The only obstacle is how long will it last?

To that I say who cares! Director White get with John McCutcheon over at UMass and make the Powder Horn real. By Saturday would be nice.