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Buffalo Bulls vs UMass Minutemen

In the 1970s, two hippies go off into the jungle to evade the FBI. When they come back to Amherst in the 2012s, their fellow hippie friends have become rich yuppies and joined the FBS. They were expecting to compete right away in the MAC but it seems they were in for a rude awaking.

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I am pretty much the worlds biggest pessimist.

Hell, I grew up a Bills and Sabres fan and if that doesn't prepare you for soul crushing pain and disappointment you are made of stronger stuff than Bruce Wayne.

But I've also always been a RedSox fan, way back to the Wade Boggs days all the way back to the World Series with the Mets.

Damn you Billy Buckner /flashback

So I do know what it's like for a long suffering heart broken fan who is suddenly thrust into a world where you can believe in your team.

Frankly I'm still not feeling it with UB yet.

To be fair the even after the Sox hilariously downed the Yankees in the ALCS I was unsure if fate would let a Bo-Sox fan enjoy a world series fan.

Side note... I am married to a Yankees Fan and that last game of the ALCS was the ultimate "HA" moment of my then young marriage.

Buffalo still has a lot to prove this season, but this week they just have to show, once more, they can blow out cellar dwellers like the Minutemen. A loss to UMass might undo a lot of momentum.

Don't get me wrong I expect the Bulls to win this game but I've not reserved my tickets for the MAC Championship in Detroit Just yet.

Many an FCS fan loves to crow about how their program would be immeadatly successful in the MAC. Most UMass fans knew there would be trouble but quite a few of their fans saw coach Molinar and tranfers from around the Bowl Subdivision as a sign that they would not be one of the worse teams in the MAC.

But two years later they are one of the worst teams in the conference. A lucky win last year over a floundering Akron club, and this year over Miami shows that the Minutemen may not be the worst team in the MAC during a given season but they still smell of transition, a scent UB worse until 2006, and then tried on again from 2010-2012.

What UMass needs is a quality win, and they are eying Buffalo. Their defense is slightly better against the pass than it is against the run so for Buffalo to avoid being "that quality win" the Bulls need to run the ball often and strong against UMass.

The key to winning is to give the Ball to Bo and sat "Go Daddy-Bo"