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Western Michigan "Designs" New Helmets

Hmmm Where have I seen that helmet before... It's oddly familiar


Oh right... Thats where I've seen them before!

From our friends over at the MAC Daily...

Broncos Helmet Gets An Upgrade
Western Michigan has been known as a cutting edge design school in the Mid-American Conference for years. The uniforms get fairly frequent face lifts and the apparel tends to stay trendy.

The MAC Daily is far closer to a real news site than most blogs and that's awesome but I feel the need to present this news after parsing it through a BS to English filter.

Western Michigan likes changing uniforms, they do it all the time. For years they have tried to find the right formula so now they have decided to design, or rip-off one of the ugliest helmets in college football. A helmet which also happens to be worn by a team who uses moniker "Broncos"

Being something of a charitable fellow I've decided to help our friends in Kalamazoo by doing the "design" work on the rest of their uniforms.


No Charge WMU fans, but if you wish you can leave a tip in the jar..