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Terence Waugh, Defensive End Decommits

Buffalo has had a lot of turnover among their verbal recruits this season and over the weekend they Bulls were hit with yet another gut blow, this time by Terrence Waugh and Kent State.

UB recently signed a very promising Juco linebacker who has the size to make an impact on the defensive line and that may have scared Waugh. It's too bad because every decommit in the trenches hurts badly. On the defensive side of the ball UB is losing Steven Means, Willie Moseley and Wyatt Cahill and could have used immediate depth.

Waugh, who had verbeled to UB last month is fresh off his visit to Kent and said he saw things both on the team and on the campus that seemed a better fit. His twitter account indicated that he had a good time taking in the campus atmosphere.

Editors Note: Originally the article contained an instigram photo describing Waugh's take on a recent party he attended while visiting Kent. At the request of Waugh the image, which referred to a party so extreme that he can't quite recall anything that happened was pulled. The full text reads like animal house but Waugh insist it was just a joke.

It could be that Waugh just has an awful sense of humor but either way it was his choice to attend Kent and we wish him well in his college career.

High School seniors commit to schools for a variety of reasons. Those who are pursing athletics scholarships have even more that the need to figure out than most so I make it a policy not to judge the heart or mind of a player when picking their college.

Some pick for a winning program, some for academics, some for a coach, and some will pick for the college atmosphere. As much as my gut reaction says "Going to a party school because it's a party school is dang foolish" I'm going to hold back on that. Especially since Waugh says there was no party.

There is no rule which says that to be a good student you have to lock yourself in the library. Some of the best engineers I studied with loved to go clubbing up in Canada on the weekends. It was not for me but it did not hinder their studies.

I picked UB because it was close to home and had one of the top 50 or so chemical engineering programs in the country. I could have lived at home and saved a lot of money but I wanted the "college experience" so I worked several jobs to pay for the dorms.

The dorms added nothing to my academic experience but it is where I met my wife, and had some good times. So when it comes to a player taking a visit, partying hard, and changing a verbal can be chalked up to "some of the things I want to get out of college". Every person needs to find their own way in the world, being 18 is the crossroads and what someone wants in addition to a degree is their own business.

As for UB? The team only had a dozen scholarships coming into the year and have already dropped on on Blake Bean. So that's 11 left and so far UB seems to have eight or nine solid verbals. The Bulls have not yet pulled too many offensive, or defensive linemen so look for a push there.