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Future Opponent Land

Three teams in UB's near future played tonight, two played each other.

We open conference play with Kent in week three and tonight they showed that serious attention has been paid to their long suffering offense.

But their special teams... Well they can use some work

Andre Parker picks up a muffed punt and runs it 58 yards towards his own endzone before being forced out by Towson. Parker would have scored a safety for Towson had he not been forced out.

But hi-jinks aside Kent looked good. Dri Archer ran a kickoff back 98 yards for a touchdown and rushed for two more. Defensively Kent created six turnovers.

The other game of interest was UMass and UConn. We play

UMass managed just 59 yards of offense and three first downs as UConn gave them a rood welcome to the Bowl Subdivision. UConn managed two rushing touchdowns, an interception return, and a special teams touchdown.