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Talking Bull: Thou Shall Judge... Please?

People today are far two quick to look down their nose on judgment. It's all too common to walk across someone who will tell you that you're not supposed to judge things, otherwise were bad people.

But a that's a two edged sword.

NCAA Now In Charge Of Absolutely Everything - From Our Editors -
Of course, I doubt anything will happen to Kentucky's offensive coordinator, because any punishment for this "violation" would create quite the backlash in the media. But the simple fact that, by rule, this incident constitutes a violation is an embarrassment for the NCAA.

Randy Sanders violated an NCAA rule by texting a recruit to cancel a visit bc Sanders' father died.

Somewhere in the NCAA offices their is a person who saw this case and decided, weather penalized of not, that this should be filed under violation.

Want to know about every team?

2012 College Football Profiles - Football Study Hall
2012 College Football Profiles and Stat Reviews for each and every FBS team!

Thank goodness for the FCS immigrants!

They are probably the only thing keeping Buffalo off the bottom 10 radar, for now.

Preseason Bottom 10 debuts with Arkansas Razorbacks horror show - ESPN
There are also new friends to introduce to the Bottom 10, as Texas State, South Alabama, Massachusetts and Texas-San Antonio will write the first chapters in their FBS histories this season. What kind of tale will they tell? We'll have to wait and see. The Roadrunners and Jaguars get acquainted Saturday in the 2012 season's first Pillowfight of the Week.

UB Going Center Mass

The Bulls have two new centers on is massive and the other is wide receiver?

Freshman will test his snap judgment for UB - UB Football - The Buffalo News
The University at Buffalo thought it was set at the long-snapper position with Tim Krantz returning to handle the task. That all changed about a week ago, when Krantz informed Bulls coach Jeff Quinn he was leaving the team.

Losing Krantz hurts hopefull McGill, who is all of 200 pounds, can handle the long snapping duties.

But our every down center has not mass issues.

UB paying Sales call on big Dogs - UB Football - The Buffalo News
Although he's 6-foot-2 and 318 pounds, Sales will come in on the light end of the scale when he makes his UB debut Saturday. The University at Buffalo center, an academic junior with sophomore eligibility, could be portrayed as a middleweight in a heavyweight fight when he goes up against Jenkins and Geathers, Georgia's rotating nose tackles of Bunyonesque stature.