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Buffalo All Time Fantasy Ball: "WE ARE" versus "Old Willie", Just for Kicks

Poster from "American Kickboxer 1" yea This is what I hope this game looks like! via <a href=""></a>
Poster from "American Kickboxer 1" yea This is what I hope this game looks like! via


Finally it's happened. With the playoffs looming and guys like Conrad holding his powder some teams have started to use their kickers. Today, coincidentally, both teams are using their kickers.

The "We Are" take the field led by Quarterback Gordon Bukaty (1959) Half Back Anthony Swan (1996) and has a receiving corps consisting of Andre Ford 2002, Kali Watkins 1998, and Terrell Jackson (2011). On the tight end is Alex Dennison.

Hes using UB's 1942 defense and is relying on Dallas Pelz (2003) to take care of kicking.

"Old Willie" uses Quarterback Cliff Scott (1995) Willies will be passing to Naaman Roosevelt (2009), Alex Neutz, and tight end Chad Upshaw. It's backfield by Committee with Branden Thermilus (2010) and Willie Evans (1959).

Defensively the team relies on the 1947 unit.Their kicker is Tom McLaughlin

So it's McLaughlin versus Pelz

Pelz Kicks off..

Somebody once said, and I quote, "At this point, I dont care about a kicker." Followed by, "I dont really *need* a kicker." Who you ask had such words of "wisdom"? None other than my opponent in this game, Matt, aka. BCBull, head GM/Coach for Old Willie and the Gang during the draft. Now I consider Matt's Dad a friend of mine, heck we've tailgated together since the beginning of 2009. So next time I talk to Matt's Dad, I will make sure he knows a grounding is in order. "I dont need a kicker," Flabberghasting!

This week, the We Are.....Because You Were Bulls will be led to victory by none other than Place Kicker, Dallas Pelz. Dallas came to UB from Holland, NY in 2000. He led the charge into Division 1-A for the University at Buffalo Football Bulls. Dallas wasnt blessed with great teams however, through his four years, and he took over place kicking duties as a freshman, UB only managed to win 7 games out of 46 and a paltry 4 wins in the MAC. The teams were terrible. But that didnt stop Dallas.

Dallas holds the 3rd, 4th, and 10th best record for Field Goals in a season. He also is 7th and 8th best with Points scored in a season, and coincidently led the entire team in scoring those same two seasons.

He also holds the record for Most Field Goals made in a game with 5 versus Toledo in 2003. And for that same game, most points scord by kicking with 17. One of those kicks tied his career long at 50 yards.

When his time was finished with UB, he was UB best ever kicker until a young man by the name of Principe came along. Dallas is 8th all time with extra points made, 42. He is 2nd all time with FG Made (35) and Points Scored Kicking (147). Those 147 points scored still places him 8th all time in Career Scoring(whole Team) in the UB Record Books. Finally, he is the all time leader at Field Goal Percentage with 72.92% (current Bull, Patrick Clark, holds a 100% percentage, but his is only based on 6 attempts compared to Dallas's 48).

With the names Bukaty, Swan, Ford, and Watkins moving the ball down the field getting it close, set up by the dynamic Jackson on kick and punt returns, and the stout 1942 defense giving up a mere 6.5 points per game. Dallas only has to knock them through for 3? 6? 9? 12? 15? 18??points. Obviously he has demonstrated he is capable of it over his stellar career. Maybe my opponent doesnt think he needs a kicker, but Im glad the We Are....Because You Were Bulls have Dallas to lead us to victory.

And the return by McLaughlin

UBNation: Despite what Brian and certain others would have you believe, I have a kicker. I have had a kicker since the last round, when I chose Tom McLaughlin with the last pick. Before the rules were finalized I thought it would be possible to go through the season using only part of our team, doubling up on the more marketable players. But I have a kicker. I have always had a kicker.

My kicker has a first name. It's T-o-m. My kicker has a last name. It's M-c-L-a-u-g-h-l-i-n. Sometimes the rhythm doesn't work so well, but you get the idea. Remember Cliff Scott? I used him in the first round against a defense that couldn't stop a forward pass. Tom (we're on first name terms, things are looser in Los Angeles, the new home of BCBull, and especially when I'm typing on my phone) was his kicker, racking up easy points behind the TD explosion.

These two are reunited again on my team, and are part of a LOADED offense. Think Tom had pretty good numbers already? Now in addition to Scott, he's a part of an offense that includes all time great Willie Evans and Naaman Roosevelt, short yardage beast Brandon Thermilus, and young star and WNY native Alex Neutz. Tom is going to score points for this team. A whole heck of a lot of points.

Not bad for someone the opponent doesn't even know I had.