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Buffalo All Time Fantasy Ball: Dibble's Dazzlers vs Hofher's Heroes

Here are the standings after three rounds:

Team Wins Losses %F TV
Offy's Army 3 0 192 16
Old Willie 3 0 187 18
Dibble's Dazzlers 1 2 159 12
ChiTown' Finest 1 2 144 12
Hofher’s Heroes 1 2 128 12
We Are 0 3 85 7

So this contest between the Dazzlers and the Heroes is big. The Winner will be one of the top three teams while the loser will not be able to finish the regular season with a winning record.

Hofher's Heroes:

The Heroes line up Chad Salisbury behind center. He will be tossing the rock to Jamie Gasparre, Doc smith, and a linebacker playing for New England Patriots named Trevor Scott.

With the first pick of the draft he loaded his backfield with James Starks and teamed him up with running back "Lockport Lou Corrie" to round out his skill positions.

He took the defense from 1983 and a kicker from the mid 90's named Mark Mozrall.

This week, after a very tough loss, Conrad is a bit off balance. He is hoping that his Kicker can help him squaek out a win.

What to do, what to say after losing to a Tight End who has fewer Career Wins than my QB has 400 yard games? I am at a loss. Am I at that lame duck period where I spend more time looking for my next job...or am I at that crazy Cirbus/Hofher point where I win a game just after I'm fired just to be a jerk?

Interviewer: Why did you put Trevor Scott at Tight End...

Coach Conrad: He did actually play Tight End, he didn't lose any athleticism he gained size, I think he'd still be a talented TE. He has intimate knowledge of the DE and LB position, so who better to block for the Niagara County Backfield.

Interviewer: Meh, sounds like GLARING WEAKNESS to me.

Well didn't get that job, so I'm back to coaching the Heroes...Starks? nah I didn't recruit him, if I'm gonna make it, I need one of my guys. Mark Mozell Kicker. He has a football kickers leg, THIS GUY, is a kickers kicker, i'm sure he played soccer at some point so he's versatile. Soccer in some countries is called football, so if he play a season of soccer and a season of football, he would have played 2 seasons for every 1 season my opponent has played...that veteran experience will lead to a victory.

Plus alliteration.

Your Coach in Waiting,

Conrad "bull_trojan"
Head Ball Coach
Hofher's Heroes

Dibble's Dazzlers

2010 was big on talk during the draft but has so far fallen short of that championship for he had promised us.

His marquee player was a shot at the future. With many more accomplished backs 2010 went with Branden Oliver and only went back to 2010 for Ike Nduka. His receivers are Brett Hamlin and Drew Haddadd who will be joined by Tight End Chris Behan. His Kicker is AJ Principie

The only pre modern skill player on the roster is Joe Kubisty, who led the Bulls in 1956. For his defense 2010 reaches all the way back to 1898. That defense led UB's only undefeated team of all time.

The Dazzlers look to their receiver corps to turn things around.

With a received like Drew Hadaad, you need someone who can put the ball in his hands. Well I picked
Brett Hamlin who has the highest completion percentage in UB history. Yes, the highest at 100%. Don’t
believe me, look it up!

What, you mean I drafted him as a Wide Receiver, oh yeah. Oh no, no one ever went from QB to be
good at a different position.

What? Who is this Starks and Roosevelt you speak of?

Oh, Brett was one of the great possession receivers Amherst has ever seen. Plus I always loved a WR
with number 88. Brett was a great slot receiver who made up a the best 1 -2 combo the Bulls have ever
seen. If you double Brett, look out for Namaan. Double Namaan and Brett will torch you.

Brett Hamlin had such a great senior season played in the Texas vs. The Nation game in El Paso and also
had a very pro-day workout. Hamlin jumped 36" in the vertical, over 10 feet in the broad jump, while
his three-cone time of 6.64 would have ranked third among wide receivers that competed at the NFL
Combine. Hamlin finished his UB career in the top ten in receptions and yardage. Brett also was invited
to try out with the Atlanta Falcons.

The reason you will vote for Brett? One question, third down and four, late in the game, down by 5.
Who else would you want to ball to go to? Yep, Brett!