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Talking Bull: Temple being Temple

Feel our pain Big Least, Feel our pain..

Well soon the Big East will know our pain. Temple a program short on accomplishment but long on overconfidence has started to put out some promotional videos about their new role in the Big East

Temple Football Is The Hero The Big East Deserves - From Our Editors -
This video is confusing at best. They're the Owls, not the Bats, so I guess this trailer makes them ... Owlman? Maybe they should have sampled the Watchmen trailer instead. That would have been even more fitting since nobody saw Watchmen ... just like Temple football!

Don't worry guys eventually what ever they smoke in Philly will wear off. In two years they will be screaming that they are Big10 Material and talk about how your lack of "Power Conference" status is holding them back.

Some Georgia Links

You're On Notice, Dawg! WOOOOO FINALLY Week 1 - Dawg Sports
4) Mike Bobo - In spite of the fact that this is "just Buffalo," we can't let up on the reins after getting a 14-point lead, as Bobo seems to do far too often. We need to put these guys away hard and fast, and we don't need to let up until the clock says 0:00 at the end of the 4th quarter. We're going to have to play 60 full minutes in at least 11 of our 14 games this year, and we have some very inexperienced players at key positions on offense, so we need to make sure they understand what it means to play 60 minutes in the SEC.

Fifteen thoughts after (and before) the storm... - Dawg Sports
Back to our defense for a moment: I know we have a few issues that could affect us when we travel to Missouri in a two weeks; mostly in the secondary due to suspensions. Yes, I realize the final word hasn't come down yet regarding a few of our players which instantly change things, but it's not like the guys who have to play aren't without talent. Corey Moore has had a very good camp by all accounts, and if Rambo sits, I'm feeling better about Moore's ability to step it up. At corner, will Damian Swann be ready for his moment? I'm not too worried, but it sure would be nice to have our regulars back sooner than later.

Georgia is starting three new faces on the line, UB is on the other end with just three players with less than 2 years experience on the depth chart.

UB is counting on few true freshmen - UB Football - The Buffalo News
It's also an indication of the program's development that Quinn doesn't have to rely so heavily on true freshmen. Of the Bulls' projected starters on both sides of the ball, 13 have at least two years of experience.

Other UB Sports

Volley ball is 2-1, they won the UB invitational with an amazing comeback. It's hard to believe how far this program has come in the past couple of seasons.

Five-Set Comeback Leads Bulls To UB Invitational Championship - Buffalo Athletics
Down 13-7 in the fifth set and with the UB Invitational Championshipson the line, the University at Buffalo volleyball team staged an epic comeback, running off eight straight points to defeat Oral Roberts and win their season-opening tournament. The Bulls got a total team effort, including a spark from a freshman, who despite not playing the first two matches, found her way onto the All-Tournament team.

Soccer is another program making strides.

Bulls Tie Bonnies in First Game of Road Trip - Buffalo Athletics
The Buffalo women's soccer team kicked off its challenging road schedule of three games in the next six days on a positive note, drawing even with Big Four rival St. Bonaventure (0-3-1) Sunday afternoon. The Bulls (1-1-1) were led by sophomore Katie Roberts, who scored her second goal of the season.